Seeing and Believing 319 | “A Hero” & “Dracula (1931)”

What Lies Beneath: Layers of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife depicts what we want to believe about reconciliation and eternal life.

Seeing and Believing 318 | The Power of the Dog

Ignoring Prophecies in Don’t Look Up: A Comedy of Humanity’s Fatal Errors

Like the biblical prophets who spoke truth to those who wielded societal and religious power, the scientific experts were largely ignored as people distracted themselves with foolish, vainglorious pursuits.

Seeing and Believing 316 | The Top 10 Films of 2021

Kevin & Sarah Welch-Larson reconvene to discuss their favorite movies of 2021 and contemplate the end of a very strange year.

A Long Troll in the Wrong Direction: Déjà Vu and “Resurrecting” The Matrix

Stories that don’t end hint that the storyteller is writing aimlessly into the void, and they trap the audience in the world of the story.

1981 vs. 2021: Searching for Salvation

Reviewing the products of 1981 and 2021 reveals our desperate search for salvation from death… and salvation from modern daily life.

CAPC’s Most-Read Articles of 2021

Here’s what everyone was reading at Christ and Pop Culture in 2021.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: The Worth and The Cost of Being Seen

The film’s highs and lows are mined from something viscerally human and somehow understated: the desire for connection.

Seeing and Believing 315 | Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story

Kevin and Sarah close out 2021 with a new film and genre from Steven Spielberg with a remake of West Side Story.

Why You Need to Re-Watch While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is unusual for this genre because it shows the necessity of both family and shame for the storied couple’s well-being

Spider-Man: No Way Home and Stories of Hopeful Restoration

Even criminals deserve a chance at redemption, and there is always hope where there is new life.

Dune and Disaster, or, Why Charismatic Leaders Should Come with a Warning Label

Like Paul in Dune, we can fall into the trap of moral expediency—the temptation to care more about winning than about holiness and humble service. 

A Castle for Christmas: Netflix, Hallmark, and the “Christmas Rom-Com” of Advent

A Castle for Christmas is hopeful in the same way that Advent is a season of hope.

Is Christmas Marvel-ous?

While the Christmas story is Marvel-like in the sense that it explains Jesus’s supernatural powers by showing us his supernatural origins, it’s not fictional.

How Foresight Changes the Battle: Miss Sloane and Spiritual Warfare

So it is with the “plot” of spiritual warfare throughout human history. Like Miss Sloane, God begins his story with a monologue of such significance that it shapes and reveals all that is to come.