Choosing Our Cultural Cakes and Eating Every Last Crumb

If it seems like our consumptive practices have a near religious-like quality, it is because the two are closely linked: the way we partake in culture can directly influence our approach to faith.

Call for Pitches: Self Definitions

Write for our digital magazine! Submit a pitch by 4/15 for a feature article on the theme of self definitions.

Feeding Consumerism: The Hidden Costs of Cheap Food

When convenience is the highest good, we’re minimizing the time that we spend preparing and eating food, but it’s unclear what we’re saving time in order to do.

All the Foods I’ve Failed to Eat

The tragedy of food waste is deeper than statistics about greenhouse gas emissions and money wasted. The story of most food waste is poor stewardship.

CAPC Jr.: Pop Culture Commentary from the Next Generation

In CAPC Jr., significant children in the lives of our writers pass on their own unique insights into some of their favorite cultural artifacts.

Dear Evan Hansen Addresses Our Culture’s Pervasive Loneliness

Dear Evan Hansen teaches us there is no substitute for true community.

CAPC Magazine Issue 1 of 2019: Consumption

Consumerism is eating us alive. Save yourself! Save the world! Read this issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine.

21 Grams, Woo Science, and the Quantum Soul

In 21 Grams there is a measure of redemption for each character, which invites us to toward a fuller sense of personhood through (quantum?) entanglement with the living God.

The Spiritual Discipline of Hanging Out in Cemeteries

It’s by numbering our days—contemplating death—that “we may get the heart of wisdom.”

Melodies of Sin and Salvation: Why Modern Worship Music Needs a More Holistic View of Salvation

Our worship should teach us to long for more than our individual salvation, but to long for the redemption of the whole world.

The Blessed Machine and the Dangers of Technology

The author of a new graphic novel from Cave Pictures Publishing explains how E. M. Forster and the CERN super collider inspired his work.

What Is Masculinity? Gillette’s Challenge to Men in the Era of #MeToo

The Gillette ad can remind us that the outward trappings of “manliness” are not what God counts as good.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018

A list of our favorite things from 2018.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018: #5 to #1

A list of our favorite things from 2018, #5 to #1.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018: #10 to #6

A list of our favorite things from 2018, #10 to #6.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018: #15 to #11

A list of our favorite things from 2018, from #15 to #11.