Happy Single Parent Day: The Dynamics of Parenting Alone

Single mothers may be both soft and strong for their kids, but that’s not the same thing as saying they are both mother and father.

Loving God, Then Country

We have much to celebrate as Americans and even more to celebrate as Christians.

The Power of Power

The world needs us to use our power to expand God’s Kingdom for those who are lesser and least.

Obama, Cosby, and America’s Black Family

I’ll thank God that President Obama is a faithful leader of his family, in the midst of my concerns about how he would, and did, lead our country.

Tragedy and the Balm of Silent Lament

What’s often lost in our desire for a better, safer world is compassion, empathy, and a shared sense of grief.

The Kiddy Pool: Waiting for Dory

And Finding Dory is a film that celebrates Dory as the arrow who flies just as much as it celebrates her parents as the stable bow.

Faith and Fear in the Food Wars: Biotechnology’s Role in Redeeming the Cursed Ground

Those who aren’t “eating clean” or “going organic” often feel guilty about it.

A Model of Christian Parody: What The Babylon Bee Can Learn from Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic can show us all how poking fun doesn’t have to be so harmful, and not every joke about another human being creates an enemy.

CaPC Membership, Civil Discourse, and a Hamilton Lip Sync Battle

The Christ and Pop Culture members group, and an impromptu Hamilton Lip Sync Battle, might be the only good things you’ll find on Facebook.

Although of Course You End up Eating Fast Food

Fast food may be considered low culture, but it’s the common ground of friendship for David Foster Wallace and David Lipsky in ‘The End of the Tour’.

Me Before You : Should Christians Engage a Film about Physician-Assisted Suicide?

If our desire is to articulate a robust pro-life position that honors all people, then boycotting Me Before You does not serve to bring about the type of purposeful dialogue that engagement would provide.

Because SCIENCE: Pursuing Wonder

Science is one pursuit where the curious gather to pursue answers to those unknowns.

Great-Grandma’s Pickles

When we taste a pickle, part of us toasts all the times in life when we enjoyed the best of the harvest even while we remember those times we were rubbed in salt, maybe even with open wounds burning.

Shopping for Religion: Corinna Nicolaou’s ‘A None’s Story’

The most striking theme in Corinna Nicolaou’s book ‘A None’s Story’ is the consumeristic mentality.

The Kiddy Pool: Beauty and Brokenness at the Beach

I can’t impose the order I long for on the world or even a child’s seashell collection.

Scars That Bleed and Wounds That Heal

Christ’s suffering on the cross accomplished everything I ever hoped to achieve in drawing my own blood.