The CAPC Digest: Silence, Faith, and Culture with Wade Bearden and Peter G. Epps

Drew and Tyler talk about Silence, faith, and culture with Wade Bearden and Peter J. Epps in regards to Martin Scorsese’s film Silence.

The CAPC Digest: La La Land, Work, Family, and Calling with Gina Dalfonzo

Drew, Tyler and Gina discuss whether ‘La La Land’ is as good as advertised and what it has to say about work, family and calling. We discuss the importance of work and how we can help one another engage it faithfully.

The CAPC Digest: Black Mirror, Technology, and the Darkness of Our Hearts with Matthew Loftus

Tyler and Drew chat with Matthew Loftus about Black Mirror, technology, and the darkness of our hearts from his recent article “Nothing is New Under the Black Mirror.”

The CAPC Digest: Cooking and Eating to the Glory of God with Collin Huber

The CAPC Digest: Suffering, Love, and Westworld with Stephen Addcox

Drew and Tyler are joined by Stephen Addcox to talk about suffering, love, and Westworld.

The CAPC Digest: The 13th and the Roots of Mass Incarceration with Nana Dolce

Nana Dolce joins Drew and Tyler to talk about her article regarding ’13th’ and the roots of mass incarceration.

The CAPC Digest: Christian Community After the Election with Daniel Motley

Tyler and Drew chat with Daniel Motley about his recent article Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election.

The CaPC Digest: Jack Chick’s Tracts of Fear with Amanda Wortham

Jack T. Chick’s tracts of fear were a fairly well known product that many churches and Christians used. Amanda Wortham joins Drew & Tyler to talk about her experience and what the tracts say.

The CaPC Digest: The Insecurity of the Security Gospel with Arianne Benedetto

Arianne Benedetto talks about her article on the false promises of the Security Gospel with Drew and Tyler.

The CAPC Digest: Emotion with Dignity in This Is Us with Abby Perry

Sharing emotion with dignity is the theme of Drew and Tyler’s chat with Abby Perry about her recent article, “This Is Us and the Dignity of Human Emotion.”

The CaPC Digest: ‘Loving My Prodigal Country’ with Gina Dalfonzo

Drew and Tyler chat Gina Dalfonso about her article, “Loving My Prodigal Country.”

The CAPC Digest: Superman, Diversity, and Redemption

Drew and Tyler chat with Blain Grimes about comics and his recent article “New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story.”

The CAPC Digest: Embracing the Supernatural in Stranger Things with Liz Wann

The idea of a unexplainable supernatural occurrence is the reason Drew and Tyler chat with Liz Wann about her article “Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.”

The CAPC Digest: The Ark Park and the Gospel

The Ark Park from Answers in Genesis is open for business and E. Stephen joins Drew to dispel some of the myths and confirm certain truths about the park, the organization, and to see if creationism is a hill to die on.

The CAPC Digest: Pokemon Go in a Broken, Hurting World

Tyler and Drew chat with Luke T. Harrington about his recent article, “Summer Shootings, Pokémon Go: Rebuilding Community in the Wake of Destruction.”

The CAPC Digest: Wild Kratts and Love of the Creature with Geoffrey Reiter

Tyler and Drew chat with Reiter about the kids show Wild Kratts and our responsibility as Christians to care for all creatures.