The CaPC Digest: ‘Loving My Prodigal Country’ with Gina Dalfonzo

Drew and Tyler chat Gina Dalfonso about her article, “Loving My Prodigal Country.”

The CAPC Digest: Superman, Diversity, and Redemption

Drew and Tyler chat with Blain Grimes about comics and his recent article “New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story.”

The CAPC Digest: Embracing the Supernatural in Stranger Things with Liz Wann

The idea of a unexplainable supernatural occurrence is the reason Drew and Tyler chat with Liz Wann about her article “Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.”

The CAPC Digest: The Ark Park and the Gospel

The Ark Park from Answers in Genesis is open for business and E. Stephen joins Drew to dispel some of the myths and confirm certain truths about the park, the organization, and to see if creationism is a hill to die on.

The CAPC Digest: Pokemon Go in a Broken, Hurting World

Tyler and Drew chat with Luke T. Harrington about his recent article, “Summer Shootings, Pokémon Go: Rebuilding Community in the Wake of Destruction.”

The CAPC Digest: Wild Kratts and Love of the Creature with Geoffrey Reiter

Tyler and Drew chat with Reiter about the kids show Wild Kratts and our responsibility as Christians to care for all creatures.

The CAPC Digest: The Obama Family Values with Rachel Horner Starke

The Obama family values are the topic of discussion as Tyler and Drew chat with Rachel Horner Stark about her recent article, “Obama, Cosby, and America’s Black Family.”

The CAPC Digest: The Needed Moral Conviction of Baylor with Val Dunham

Tyler Burns is running the show with special guest Val Dunham as they talk about her article, “Baylor’s Need for a Lingering Repentance.”

The CAPC Digest: Christians and ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’ with Amanda Martinez Beck

Tyler and Drew chat with Amanda Martinez Beck about how a major television network handles the uneasy marriage of LGBT and the Catholic faith in a sitcom environment.

The CAPC Digest: Redefining Friendship with Eugene Peterson and Bono

Redefining friendship and acquaintance is the subject of conversation between Drew Dixon and guest W. David O. Taylor. The documented meeting of U2’s Bono and Eugene Peterson (The Message) serves as the backdrop for David’s revelation on the subject.

The CaPC Digest: Politicians Are People Too

Politicians are people too though you might forget that in the current political climate. Amanda Wortham joins Drew and Jonathan to remind us of this fact.

The CAPC Digest: Spider-Man, Heroism, and Moral Tensions with E. Stephen Burnett

The style of Spider-Man Heroism is the subject of discussion for hosts Tyler and Drew and special guest E. Stephen Burnett.

The CAPC Digest #52: The NFL Draft and the Image of God with Val Dunham

Tyler and Drew chat with Val Dunham about her recent article “In the NFL Draft, Does Function Trump Value?”

The CAPC Digest #51: The Contours Of Hillsong Corporate Worship with David Roark

Hillsong corporate worship, authenticity in worship and the appreciation of different worship traditions are the subject as Drew and Tyler interview David Roark.

The CAPC Digest #50: The Difficulty with Family with S.D. Kelly

Tyler and Drew chat with S.D. Kelly about the difficulty with family and Drew Barrymore’s recent divorce.

The CAPC Digest #49: The Bachelor Is A Fairy Tale

The Bachelor is a fairy tale and how J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved the show is the topic for the CaPC Digest with Drew, Tyler and guest Joy Beth Smith.