Surviving Politics as Usual

A fresh take on political discourse is one of the seeds we must sow.

Attending to the Least of These in the Age of Trump

Even now, those speaking loudest about the Trump tapes seem to overlook the exploited.

All Saints’ Day and Election Season

We are all sinners and saints alike, but on All Saints’ Day, we trace our lineage through the departed saints who’ve walked in the faith before us.

No, This Isn’t the “Most Important Election in Our Lifetime”

In order to weigh our voting options more fairly in the 2016 election, we need to ditch the apocalyptic rhetoric.

Impossible People by Os Guinness, Free for CaPC Members

Os Guinness’ Impossible People is not afraid to be as tough on Christians as it is on their cultural enemies.

False Promises of the Security Gospel

God hasn’t promised us perfect safety here on earth, but if you believe He has, you will have to question His character when it vanishes.

The Stories Our Churches Tell

While the story of scripture and the story of America are not always in conflict, they are not the same story.

Loving My Prodigal Country

How, in the face of such divisiveness, rage, resentment, and hatred, does one go on loving the country where it’s all taking place?

A Country Rightly Loved

Rightly ordering our loves allows for patriotism and love of country, but it prevents nationalism and idolization of country.

City of God and the Ends of American Politics

From Augustine’s critique of Roman culture in City of God, we can come to see that neither of our political parties are the guardians of biblical morality.

People Count: Resisting the Fascism of Political Demographics

Instead of perceiving Clinton or Trump supporters as demographics, we need to instead recognize them as individuals

Evangelicals for Trump: In Power or Persecuted?

Many evangelicals consider themselves to be in danger of persecution, with Trump offering their best hope; many secular Americans see things differently.

Which Came First: Bad Politicians or TV Shows About Bad Politicians?

Once we’ve accepted the message on our TV screens—that the system is hopelessly corrupt—we learn to settle for severely diminished standards for our leaders.

Can Science Justify a Vote for Trump?

Pastor James MacDonald says it can. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Trump and the Consequences of Being a Single-Issue Voter

The real pro-life movement, the work of building a culture that respects human life, must happen from the bottom up, not the top down.

Voting for Donald Trump Is Not the Only Conservative Option

The moral pragmatism which says that we must vote for Trump because anything else is a vote for Clinton is a false choice.