Human-Animal Chimeras: Kramer’s Pigman Might Be Coming to a Lab Near You

An engineered human-animal species distorts the ultimate Creator/creature distinction by mixing an image bearer with an animal.

Good Vibes to Be Had in the Science World

Scientists are the sort of die hards we need to carry out the Cultural Mandate from Genesis 1 and the Great Commission from Matthew 28.

Wondrous Explorers: How Science Reveals the Mystery of Ourselves

It is incredibly mysterious how human minds can understand the universe to the degree that we do.

Can Transhumanism Lead Us Back to Orthodoxy?

Some Christians are afraid transhumanism is just Gnosticism in a new form. But what if that’s backward?

The Coming Ethical Conundrums of Transhumanism

The more we look down the tunnel of time, the more complicated the question of transhumanism becomes.

The Political Fallout of Cheating Death

‘Fallout 4’ can serve as a commentary about the ability of technology to enhance or destroy human flourishing.

Virtual Reality on Screen: Paradise or Pandemonium?

Virtual reality offers the possibility of deliberate crafting of an alternate, idealized, or improved reality.

The Next Page: This Is Your Brain on Screens

It’s part of my Christian responsibility to be a wise steward of my time as well as my body.

Transhumanism Is the New Gnosticism

Transhumanists, like Gnostics, tend to place little importance on our bodily appetites, reducing them to the level of distractions.

LOL Interwebz: A Spacetime Oddity

This is what’s weird to me about the Internet age. Instead of attacking ideas, we attack people.

How The Internet Brings Our Brokenness into Sharp Relief

Are we using the powerful, disruptive technology at our own fingertips to encourage, to think critically and compassionately, to spread shalom and create a “meaningful society”?

Can I Upgrade My iPhone and Still Be a Good Consumer?

Is being a good consumer ultimately impossible?

The Tweeting Dead: How an App Forces Us to Acknowledge the Dead

Could post-mortem tweets reshape how we remember the deceased?

“After-Birth Abortion”: Even More Absurd Than You Thought

We can safely call the infanticide arguments from Giubilini, Minerva, Tooley, and Singer what we’ve known them to be all along: immoral nonsense that needs to stop.

The Disappearance of Mozilla’s CEO: A Reminder of the Need for Tough, Expensive Grace

The Eich controversy is a firm reminder of the necessity for tough, expensive grace in our lives, relationships, and conversations, especially when it comes to such heated issues as gay marriage and LGBT rights.

“And Death Shall Be No More”: Going beyond Transhumanism for Kids

In ‘Death Is Wrong,’ transhumanist author Gennady Stolyarov II asserts that human beings can and should pursue ways to eradicate death; but only trusting the adequacy of God’s provision can instill a hope for the death of death.