Finding Death’s Sting with Sufjan Stevens on ‘Carrie & Lowell’

You get the impression Stevens would like to stick his finger in Paul’s chest and tell him exactly where death’s sting is.

‘The Overnighters’: Radical, Messy Gospel Love

The Overnighters asks hard questions: What do we do with the seemingly beyond repair? Where is the church in the ministry to the most broken in our world, the ones who will never have the traditional redemption story, who will never be self-supporting, who always fall by the wayside of addiction and rootlessness?

My ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Dilemma

The success or failure of ABC’s new sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ carries both risk and reward for the representation of Asian-America on our television screens.

The premier of ABC’s new sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ carries both positive anticipation and reluctant risk for the representation of Asian-America on television.

Holy Relics: The Missionary Map

When will she grow, when will it be her time to go, when will all of those other verses she memorizes on Wednesday nights to get fake plastic jewels in her fake plastic AWANA crowns apply to her?

A Way Forward: What the Pro-Life Movement Can Teach Us about Racial Reconciliation

As distant as the issues of race and abortion appear on the political spectrum, at root, both ask the question of what it means to be made in God’s image.

“Stephen Colbert” and the Importance of Satire

Whether or not you agree with Stephen Colbert’s politics, his influence is a reminder of the important function of satire in public discourse.

Can I Upgrade My iPhone and Still Be a Good Consumer?

Is being a good consumer ultimately impossible?

Is It Time to Quit Watching Sports?

It’s harder — and more worthwhile — to look for and champion the good things in any institution or arena, enjoying them for what they are, and working to facilitate them.

Believe Me: A Christian Film that Looks Inward

Believe Me quietly pushes its audience to assess at what point one can become so attached to Christian culture that it keeps them from Christ.

The Simpsons and Us, Together Forever

While roundly skewering every type in every single town in America, The Simpsons always manages to make lemonade from our cultural lemons.

Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation

I began to connect the theology that I was studying with the music I was listening to. The origins of both fascinated me.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun: Who and What We Are

Yankovic makes the cross-examination humorous, welcoming, and, for a believer, a reminder that we share a common Creator despite our differences.

Looking Back at My “Left Behind” Fandom

I just wish more evangelicals realized Left Behind is still just end times fantasy and could have fun with it anyway, rather than taking it all so seriously.

It Takes a Church: Where a Reality Dating Show Based on a Worthy Assumption Went Wrong

The presentation of romantic love and fulfillment in It Takes a Church is deeply problematic, adopting our culture’s obsession with romance and personal fulfillment and calling it Christian.

‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and the Subversion of Human Nature

We may cheer for real-life heroes as if they’re beyond evil. But we understand completely when poser heroes in our fiction reveal their evil nature—and we favor their punishment.

The Kiddy Pool: The Case of the Prodigal Pegasus

I felt saddened by her sadness at losing Butterfly and happy for her happiness in rediscovering the pony at last. I care about her, I explained, so I care about what she cares about.