For the Love of the Con: Finding Community among the Geeks

Wanting to connect was my reason to attend comic con that first time, but it cannot explain why I want to go back as much as I do.

The Kingdom of God Is Like a Sticky Movie Theater Floor and a Neighborhood Concert

When people are wary of the church, these places show us what community can be: parties, music, good food, experiencing a good story, and the careful art of negotiating communal relationships.

Missing Richard Simmons and the Grace of Reciprocity

Missing Richard Simmons provides a detailed look into the complexity of human relationships and the deep need we have for truly reciprocal relationships.

Becoming Human: How Community Forms Us

Whether it is sexual identity or religious identity, becoming fully human depends on our sense of self taking shape both internally and externally.

Girl Scout Cookies and Community

Girl Scout Cookies alone can’t change our culture’s vulgarity, but by the grace of Christ, communities can.

Patriots Day and the Discomfort of Community

Patriots Day serves as a sharp reminder that community is, in many ways, inorganic, uncomfortable, and difficult.

Death and the Limits of Online Friendships: Beth Hall Mitchell

Beth’s witness shows that “real” community, with vulnerability and obligations and joy and weeping and love, can exist wherever people are willing to use words to bear with one another over time.

Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election

With the election over, we should point to our churches and proclaim a better way that is possible in the gospel.

Playing Video Games and Finding Community

Playing video games develops a sense of skill and community, just like any other sport. It’s time for parents and other adults to recognize this.

The (In)vulnerability of Supergirl

Supergirl’s vulnerability is also precisely what makes her a hero in the first place.

Real Presence: Social Media Praise and Pitfalls

Social media can’t be our only means of spreading God’s presence.

The Next Page: Community and Creativity in Reading ‘The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings’

A reminder that the struggle for creativity amid daily toil is both ordinary and worthwhile.

The CAPC Digest #29: Beyond the Booth – How ‘Broadchurch’ Makes Confession Communal

Drew and guest Hannah Anderson talk about her article on communal confession as seen in Broadchurch Series 2.

LOL Interwebz: That’s What Unfriends Are For

Statistically, not everyone is going to want to be your friend. The best thing to do is probably just to thank God for the time they were in your life and move on.

Choosing a Better Way: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence in the Birth Control Debate

The questions surrounding birth control are not simply about a women’s autonomy but about her community.

Without Shame: Letting Abortion Stories Supplant Stigma

Wherever Christians choose judgment or the promotion of abortion stigma, wherever we approach those touched by abortion with anything short of the grace and truth of the Gospel, we truly do risk driving women directly into the circles of those who will condone, legitimize, praise, and ultimately perpetuate abortion as an acceptable “solution.”