The Four: Brands That Want to Own Our Hearts

We’ve entrusted Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Amazon to fill the holes in our hearts—holes they could never possibly fill.

The CaPC Digest 84: How To Navigate An Outrage Culture with Luke T. Harrington

Drew Dixon and Tyler Burns host returning guest Luke T. Harrington to talk how to navigate an outrage culture.

Dave Eggers’s The Circle : A Social Media Dystopia

In The Circle, no one is ever known, because knowledge about others is mistaken for actually knowing others.

CaPC Membership, Civil Discourse, and a Hamilton Lip Sync Battle

The Christ and Pop Culture members group, and an impromptu Hamilton Lip Sync Battle, might be the only good things you’ll find on Facebook.

LOL Interwebz: Why You Would Dislike Having a Dislike Button

You don’t need a dislike button, and you don’t even want a dislike button.

Real Presence: Social Media Praise and Pitfalls

Social media can’t be our only means of spreading God’s presence.

Scrolling with God

Social networking can show us additional blips of each others’ stories that aid us in the work of knowing and being known.

LOL Interwebz: The Vine and the Lattice

Sometimes feeling the right things takes practice. Sometimes you have to rehearse the outward forms before the inward form takes root.

Cool Takes: Life and Death on the Internet

It hurts everywhere. In Beirut, in Paris, in Syria and in Missouri, USA, in all the many, many places I forgot to name.

Changing the World Requires Changing More Than Your Avatar

Our hunger for human flourishing outstrips our patience for the work necessary to achieve it.

LOL Interwebz: That’s What Unfriends Are For

Statistically, not everyone is going to want to be your friend. The best thing to do is probably just to thank God for the time they were in your life and move on.

LOL Interwebz: Ello ’Eartbreak

I’ll probably stay on Facebook, because moving somewhere else would take time and energy. And this is what drives most of the evil in the world—not people deliberately messing things up, but people doing what’s easy.

LOL Interwebz: To Grandmaster’s House We Go

The Internet has restored pop music to a place where it can bring generations together instead of driving them apart, even if your grandma still hasn’t heard of the rap DJ who’s almost as old as she is.

Communal Mourning: What Social-Media Grief Says about Us

LOL Interwebz: Facebook Is Evil. Right?

Yeah, sure, Facebook is evil—but only because we’re all evil in the exact same way: we all seek to control the ones around us.

The Twitter Disconnect: Why Christians are More Loving in Real Life

Christians seem to have a disconnect between what holiness looks like in everyday life and what it looks like online.