God and Country Music: The Avett Brothers’ New Album is out Today!

“Today marks the release of a new album by the new kings of Americana music: the Avett Brothers.”

God and Country Music: The Ethical Dilemma of Nashville Ghost Writing

“And while I look at the practice with the suspicion on the grounds of greed and lack of artistic integrity, maybe there is no right or wrong answer.”

God and Country Music: “Salvation Song”–The Heart and Wisdom of the Avett Brothers

“The common grace of the Avett Brothers expressed in its most concentrated form in this song is essentially a billboard for the merciful character of God.”

God and Country Music: Tradition, Innovation, and Old Crow Medicine Show

“… to bring something timeless into a timely place and make it savory is to let that which is timeless change you.”

God and Country Music: The Politics of The Dixie Chicks & American Christianity

“Regardless of political beliefs, we need to discuss, dialogue and ask questions instead of blacklisting.”

God and Country Music: An Introduction to Country Music & Five-Dollar Albums

For the non-Country fan, it would be helpful to know a few basic things about country music that will help the genre make more sense.

God and Country Music: Why White Kids Are Eating Up Hip-Hop and Country Music

“My hope is for the American church to look deep into their traditions and subsequently into the rich traditions of other church cultures, and then collaborate.”

God and Country Music: The Gentrification of Country Music?

“We should not be shocked or put off by a crowd that doesn’t look much like the storyteller because the stories being told are universal.”

God and Country Music: Jim White: Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

“As the film progresses it becomes clear that the hinge of this thing called the Deep South is, in fact, Christianity.”

God and Country Music: The Anatomy of a Country Song

“There are many high profile musicians bastardizing the rich tradition and form of country music for commercial gain.”

God and Country Music: “I Like Johnny Cash, but I don’t like Country Music”

“… before you write off country music or Christianity, consider the context and be assured that there is beauty beyond the crossover hits.”

God and Country Music: “Contemporary Christian Country Music”?

” . . . the Phariscetical tone to a lot of Country radio’s “God-talk” is hard to ignore.”

God and Country Music: In Memory of Levon Helm

“I am in awe of the refinement that Helm’s suffering created in his music over the years and I wonder at the fruit of him taking his Southern sound to a new land where it was received for it’s beauty, authenticity and simplicity.”

God and Country Music: What are we doing here? The ACM Awards and Evangelicalism

“it is the job of the individual to cut through the clutter and see what is genuine and what is not.”

God and Country Music: ‘No Depression’ in Heaven

“No Depression and the Church share the same stories of pain, sin and the human condition.”

God and Country Music: Purity & Party in Nashville

“. . . both moralism and lawlessness occupy the same airwaves, reaching the same people.”