Love among the Metal Chickens

We pay lip service to the idea that no one is truly perfect, but do we really believe it?

Dirty Dancing and Shrugging off the Dance Floor

My tears at Dirty Dancing stem from all that I’ve been told about being single.

Persuasion 101: Marital Bliss Begins with Discipleship, with BJ Thompson

Erin Straza, Hannah Anderson, and BJ Thompson discuss the building blocks for strong marriages and how marriage itself is the backdrop for discipleship.

Moving Past the Purity Movement

It’s time to find a way past the Purity Movement that helps us fuse what we know about sex with what we know about God and how he wants us to live.

Dream Weddings and Our Search for Wholeness

What we are looking for on our wedding day, and what can seem elusive in marriage, is a sense of being complete and full.

The False Gods of Rory Gilmore

After nine years, the Gilmore girls are back, and it turns out Rory still hasn’t grown up.

The Kiddy Pool: The Problem with Promises in Marriage Vows

Marriage vows hold us to a standard impossible to attain without the grace and forgiveness of Christ and each other.

Cool Takes: Drew Barrymore’s Celebrity Marriage after Divorce

Drew Barrymore says that her impending divorce doesn’t take away from being a family. Is this even possible?

Flesh Separated, Heart Restored: Finding Healing After Marriage Ends

When our “one flesh” is separated, we are left with a sort of spiritual void that is different from the mere anticipation of union found in unmarried singleness.

The CAPC Digest #44: Jim and Pam’s Quiet Fidelity

Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’ is the subject of discussion as Drew and Tyler host Amanda Wortham to talk about her article about one of TV’s most endearing couples.

Ordinary Faithfulness: Jim and Pam’s Quiet Fidelity

The resurrection is not in the feelings or the romance; it’s in the ordinary faithfulness of everyday life.

Persuasion Episode 27: Honest Talk on Sexual Sin

LOL Interwebz: An Immodest Promposal

Big, elaborate marriage proposals attempt to make a spectacle of something that is, in reality, a very ordinary thing.

Pink Champagne, Tequila Eyes, and Drunk on Love: The Romance of Us and Our Daughters

Us and Our Daughters’ two albums represent a long story of romance, beauty, hardship, loss, rediscovery, and joy.

Getting Married Is Not Enough to Fight Sexual Temptation

The risk of promoting early marriage as a way to combat sexual sin is that fewer and fewer of us understand the nature and purposes of marriage (and sex) in the first place.

Sex, Marriage, and the Prosperity Sex Gospel: A Review of The Virgins

The Virgins moves past Christians clichés by building them into something new and charming.