Not Fit for Dinner: Welcoming Mormonism into the Fold

“The acceptance of a Mormon candidate is momentous because it is a sharp departure from the typical emphasis evangelicals place upon theological and doctrinal soundness.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Rand’s Influence on Ryan

“When we reject a thinker’s foundational principles, it is our job to carefully probe the thinker’s ideas we accept to see what effect(s) the thinker’s foundational principles have upon those ideas.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Elections in the Age of Microtargeting

“Microtargeting puts us in danger of voting blindly for a candidate.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Think Twice Before Heading West

“But we have to question if it is fair for West to accuse Obama of attempting to enslave America, be it physical or non-physical.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Staying Informed—and Sane—During Election Season

“Americans who have tuned out politics can continue doing so only to their own detriment.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Consuming News Carefully and Critically

“For Christians, careful consumption of news is also a way to continue their tradition of being ‘people of the book'”

Not Fit for Dinner: Evangelicals, Immigration, and Mitt Romney

“Romney’s stance on immigration sounds nice in theory—probably because it’s unclear on the logistics of precisely how he plans to implement his policies.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Wormy War with Iran

“The United States, by its own official position, carried out an act of war against Iran.”

Not Fit for Dinner: A Better Amercia With Mitt

“Stories like #ObamaInHistory and #Amercia are interesting (and funny, to some extent), but they do not—or should not be allowed to—carry serious weight in political campaigns.”

Not Fit for Dinner: President Obama, Arrogant or Bold?

“Discussions like this require you to make judgment upon another, and it’s well to recall Christ’s warning against judging others.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Placing #ObamaInHistory

“We can disagree about the connections made on the President biography pages, but we we would be mistaken to think that Obama is ahistorical and is leading America in a past-less present.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Drone Warfare and the “Playstation” Killing Mentality

“We should not forget that our neighbors include those suffering as America continues its strikes against those suspected of plotting terrorism.”

Not Fit for Dinner: May Day and the Danger of Violence

“The movement can only offer the chance of change, not salvation of any sort.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Morally Unfit for War in Afghanistan

“The leaked photographs from this week give clear evidence that too many American soldiers are no longer fit and disciplined to conduct war justly.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Coming ApocoPresidency?

“We should entertain the notion that non-religious leaders may very well be better situated for roles like kingship and the presidency.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Shock Value of Cain Solutions’ Animal Ads

“These commercials are far from the principles found in I Peter 3 of interacting with others of a different persuasion.”