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How much sympathy can a click even give?

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Touch thus emblematizes a Christian truth, one that is becoming increasingly evident in the technological era of human connectivity.

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Machen’s earlier work effectively manifests the horrific implications of an existence without God; his later work displays compelling, often beautiful, ways God’s presence breaks through our barriers to keep Him at bay.

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Faith in ABC’s ‘Zero Hour’? Don’t Bet on It

Where Zero Hour falls flat for me is in its blatant use of the standard “science versus faith” trope and in the implications that trope has for the show’s apparent definition of faith.

Israeli Eugenics: Forced Birth Control for Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants

“To resort to eugenics, a weapon so often used against the Jews (themselves labeled ‘undesirable’ throughout the world) does not protect Jewishness.”

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“The story of Basque runner Iván Fernández Anaya feels like a breath of fresh air.”