RBG Is an Invitation to Love Our Political Neighbors

In RBG, West and Cohen offer a welcome salve for our society’s wounds, a celebration of Ginsburg as Ginsburg, irreducible to any political stance.

Politics as Entertainment, Then and Now

There’s a long history that’s given us the expectation that our politics should entertain us.

The Crusaders Who Missed the Holy Land by a Couple Thousand Miles

The Crusades began with the medieval equivalent of drunk-texting an ex.

The CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 3: LEGO Batman, The Super Bowl, and Fake News

The third episode of The CaPC 25 for 2017 sees The LEGO Batman Movie, fake news, and Super Bowl LI.

The Weight of The Crown & the Work of the Kingdom

We have remembered our kingdom’s crown but have neglected the example of our king.

Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election

With the election over, we should point to our churches and proclaim a better way that is possible in the gospel.

Changing the Metaphors of Politics

Culture is a thing to be cultivated, not conquered. Let’s change our political metaphors.

Three Films to Watch before You Vote (and One to Watch After)

Three movies to watch before you vote to help steel your nerves, and one movie to watch after you vote — to help wash away the stench of national politics.

The Bad Neighbor: Presidential Discourse and Christian Witness in the Age of Trump

Unlike the Good Neighbor mandate from FDR, Trump’s political discourse on America is motivated by insecurity.

CAPC Magazine, October 2016: ‘Votes, Voices, and Vices’

A fresh take on political discourse is one of the seeds we must sow.

Impossible People by Os Guinness, Free for CaPC Members

Os Guinness’ Impossible People is not afraid to be as tough on Christians as it is on their cultural enemies.

Persuasion: Hillary Clinton Is A Human

Hillary Clinton is a human, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the whole world’s in an uproar. Reports of her illness flooded news outlets in an attempt to give meaning to this SHOCKING turn of events.

City of God and the Ends of American Politics

From Augustine’s critique of Roman culture in City of God, we can come to see that neither of our political parties are the guardians of biblical morality.

People Count: Resisting the Fascism of Political Demographics

Instead of perceiving Clinton or Trump supporters as demographics, we need to instead recognize them as individuals

Evangelicals for Trump: In Power or Persecuted?

Many evangelicals consider themselves to be in danger of persecution, with Trump offering their best hope; many secular Americans see things differently.

Persuasion: Devil’s Advocate, Politically Speaking

Erin and Hannah perform and exercise in empathy as they play devil’s advocate with each other while discussion the pleasant topic of politics.