Sacred Space: The Church vs. Naturalism

“No one is a Christian because they figured out life, creation, and the age of the Earth.”

Sacred Space: Facebook as the New Door-to-Door Ministry

“If you are a Christian, how can you use Facebook to put your best foot forward?”

Sacred Space: Accountability Beyond the Local Church

“If someone isn’t prepared for that kind of public scrutiny, they should probably reconsider blogging, publishing, or public ministry in general.”

Sacred Space: There’s No Need for Cynicism

“To give in to cynicism is utterly unbecoming of the church of Jesus Christ.”

Sacred Space: Saving Your Pastor From Himself

“Pastors, especially evangelical ones, seem particularly vulnerable to ‘know it all’ syndrome.”

Sacred Space: Is Arizona Persecuting Home Bible Studies?

“If you want to reach your neighbor for Christ, blocking his driveway twice a week is not a good start.”

Sacred Space: Towards Freedom of Religion, for Everyone

“If you only believe in the freedom of religion for yourself and those who think like you, then you do not believe in the freedom of religion.”

Sacred Space: Why didn’t John Piper Endorse the Marriage Amendment?

“Piper cannot go into the voting booth and pull the lever for them, and he shouldn’t, even if someone might let him.”

Sacred Space: Mars Hill Church as Music Patron?

“It is easy to figure out what to do if the venture is a failure. The problem comes in when the business becomes a victim of success.”

Sacred Space: What’s Wrong with Videogames in Church?

“My objection to video games in church boils down to what makes a church.”

Sacred Space: Feeding the Poor

“Charity is never that easy, and anyone who has ever worked with the poor knows that a total shutdown of any kind of safety net would be a disaster, and yet they also know that there are some who abuse the system.”

Sacred Space: Doug Wilson, the Church Is a Bride, Bro

“If that sort of intimacy makes a man nervous, then he might have forgotten that he is part of the bride of Christ.”

Sacred Space: Easter Breakthrough

“That’s what the church has to offer culture: the resurrection from the dead through Jesus Christ.”

Sacred Space: Robert Schuller’s Glass House

“The power of positive thinking has shattered on the altar of Schuller’s church like so much crystal.”

Sacred Space: Cat a Kiss Him? What’s a Catechism?

“Take a look at the catechism, dear reader.”

Sacred Space: Church and the Culture of Fear

“Christians ought not get caught up in this culture of fear, much less perpetuate it.”