The Televangelist: Why Pete and Pete is the Greatest Live Action Kids Show that will Ever Be Made

“In that The Adventures of Pete and Pete sought to reinvest the world with the beautifully inexplicable, it did something wonderful that may not be done with the same earnestness again.”

The Televangelists: “Freaks and Geeks” Offers a Thoughtful and Hilarious Look at High School

Freaks and Geeks deserves all of the acclaim that it has received over the years, and for many reasons.

The Televangelists: An Apocalypse You Can Believe In

“Revolution is a well-made show but I found myself constantly taken out of the series’ post-apocalyptic setting.”

The Televangelists: Revenge of the City Hunter

“What begins as the template for any knock-off revenge thriller playing to a tired old formula soon establishes itself as having very different goals.”

The Televangelists: NBC’s Olympics coverage could be so much better

“There comes a time when enough is enough, when the coverage ceases to be emotional and becomes manipulative.”

The Televangelist: The Angelic Ambiguity of Haibane Renmei

If you’ve grown tired of ‘typical’ anime fare, then Haibane Renmei might just represent a breath of fresh air.

The Televangelist: Does “Bunheads” Have The Right Moves?

“Bunheads has potential. Let’s just hope it can live up to that past its debut.”

The Televangelist: Pretty Little Liars Unravel the Truth

“In this show, friends lie to nurture, protect, and save each other, always ultimately resulting in revelation and increased closeness.”

The Televangelist: Community’s Advanced Observation and Introduction to Participation

We all face the complicated relationship between bemused observation and earnest participation.

The Televangelists: In Praise of Sherlock & its Co-Creator Steven Moffat

“Here, then, is a brief tour through Moffat’s oeuvre of awesomeness.”

The Televangelists: “Mad Men” and Recognizing the Abyss

“[T]he most haunting image of the season for me is when Don opens an elevator door to see an enigmatic void before him.”

The Televangelists: “Grimm” Reveals that The Other is Often Ourselves

“In a world populated with frightening monsters, Grimms like Burkhardt may be the most frightening monsters of all.”

The Televangelist: Battleground and the Interplay Between Politics and Personal Life

“Battleground provides an unflinching look at the political world in a way that’s less about idealism and politics than it is the personal impact that results from working in politics.”

The Televangelist: The New Girl and the Challenge of Maturity

“If they really wanted The New Girl to become a success, they would have to step up their game. The show would have to mature – and in order for that to happen, so would the characters.”

The Televangelist: How Community Makes Pillow Fights Matter

“Community manages to illuminate a central hidden truth about human relations: Small things matter.”

The Televangelist: Embracing Uncomfortable Characters

“If we are unable to demonstrate care and concern for television characters, it’s likely that we are reflecting an attitude we have toward our neighbor.”