What Memes Mean: Muppet Political Discourse

Living in an age where even Muppets offer political criticism ought to inspire us to speak better.

What Memes Mean: Attempting to Navigate #thatawkwardmomentwhen

“The times we braved the waters of awkwardness and realized that everyone’s in the same boat were gloriously freeing moments.”

What Memes Mean: An In-House Perspective of ‘Jesus > Religion’

“The common man in popular discourse is not used to our in-house equations of” Jesus and religion.

What Memes Mean: What I Learned about Memes in 2011

Kirk takes a look “at the weird world of meme in 2011” and finds some method to our meme madness.

What Memes Mean: Philosophy Shifts in Facebook’s Timeline

Could this be Facebook’s attempt to “teach us to number our days” and to “[redeem] the time”?

What Memes Mean: Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Twilight

“Fantasy should offer us escape to a place where the return leaves us better off than when we left, not a few steps behind from where we started.”

What Memes Mean: How to Reimagine a Nativity Scene

“Our attempts at reproducing the nativity are usually flawed from the start, even if we choose a more reverent route that doesn’t involve ducks, penguins, and Spam.”

What Memes Mean: Facebook Stocking Stuffers and Liking Things

Perhaps the infiltration of the Like button into all facets of modern life simply puts some digital skin on a pre-existing human condition: You are what you love.

What Memes Mean: WW2 Tweets from 1939

“What we often today call ‘inanity’ is what future generations will call ‘history.’ “

What Memes Mean: The Kitten Covers and Creative Praise

“In a million little ways, in a million little name- and product-drops, we reveal to the world the things that bring us joy.”

What Memes Mean: Nickelback and the Psychology of Punching Bags

“Common enemies and dislikes draw people together, often more readily than common loves and interests.”

What Memes Mean: ‘Tebowing’ and the Complexity of Religious Humor

“We should be humbled to the point of laughter when we see how silly our attempted approximations at godliness often are.”

What Memes Mean: “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work” (Part 1)

“Digital technology is changing the way we obtain and experience information.”

What Memes Mean: Haunted Houses and Christian Self-Awareness

“Stop thinking so much about yourself, but do not stop thinking about yourself completely. Either of these things can keep you from Jesus.”

What Memes Mean: Darth Vader And The Mechanics Of Revelation

“I forget that I’ve been let in on the story going on behind the story, and that this sort of knowledge ought to be surprising, life-shaping, and earth-shattering.”

What Memes Mean: “…And The Deaf Hear…”

“Every so often, a video makes its way through the group-share ringer because it’s incredibly moving or shockingly beautiful.”