A New Paradigm for Christian Politics

Christmas is, “in the air,” for a longer period each year. This time around, I started hearing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving week! However, even Christmas cannot compare to the length of time we spend talking about politics, especially in a presidential election year.

Humble Beginnings

"Silent Night" is Not Enough

Christmas is more than likely the most diluted American holiday. Some see it as a celebration of family and friends, others prefer to use it as a time of giving, some unabashedly look forward to receiving, and Christians demand that our fellow Christmas observers acknowledge that Jesus is the real “reason for the season.”

Making Heisman History

Catholics Who Love "The Golden Compass"

Grudem's Relfections on Romney's Speech

The Golden Compass bombs in North America

Top Ten Games Recommended For Your Kids This Christmas

If you love “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” you’ll love this story.

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Why We Can Neither Boycott nor Ignore "The Golden Compass"

Dr. Francis Schaeffer was the prophetic voice of the 20th Century. He forewarned the Christian community of both postmodernity (before it was called postmodernity) and the real issues behind secular humanism. He was a brilliant man whose wisdom, epistemological skills, and grasp of the history of philosophy made him an awesome asset to the Christian community. He was a noted speaker with a worldwide ministry until his death in 1984.

Man Sees Jesus in an X-Ray

Does Alfred Hitchcock get too much credit?

For Fans of Christmas

Mohler on the Golden Compass

Could You Play Gay?

I work a part-time job in a non-Christian environment. I am the only believer in my immediate work station, and I can think of only a handful or so of professing believers in my whole building. This can sometimes give me a unique voice in certain conversations, and because of that I get asked lots of questions. Some of the question are of a contentious nature, while other questions are purely out of curiosity. Recently my partner asked me one of the latter.