Our Ten Favorite Films of 2010

These ten films are the most beautiful, truthful and moving films we saw this year. Even Scott Pilgrim.

A Man of True Grit: The Hidden Hero

The Coen Brothers’ latest offering presents us with a unique picture of what being a hero is all about.

“A Tough Season for Believers”; A Good Season for Books

Our Ten Favorite Video Games of 2010

We commend to you ten experiences that are not just fun, but unforgettable as well.

Appetite for Production: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Content?

Guest author, Garrett Brown, deals with the implications of information overload.

Christ and Pop Culture’s Guide to Christmas

Have a Christmas question? We’ve got a Christmas answer! (Unless we don’t)

Mockingjay’s Hermeneutics of Suffering

Does the final book make or break the Hunger Games series?

Our Ten Favorite Albums of 2010

This is a CCM free zone. It just worked out that way.

Driscoll on Talking to his Children about Santa

Black Flops: Why The Latest Call of Duty Fails the Medium

An attempt to reward the hardcore gamer fails the average person.

RetroPost: A Christian Defense of a “Secular” Christmas

How should Christians react to this lovely mess of a holiday?

How Can You Watch A Show About Buddhism?

What if a Buddhist television program could teach us something?

Hoarders, Possessions, and the End Times

Possessions have an allure that is hard to ignore.

I Laughed At Hipster Hitler, But I Didn’t Like It

Of course it’s funny, but is it right?

Grilled Cheesus or the Absent God?