Play in Process: What is Wrong With Me?

“If you’re the type of person who wishes that games were more meaningful and resonant all the time, I would simply say that games seem to be most resonant when they focus on our depraved nature.”

…by the Bell, Chapter 2: Is Heaven Now or Later… or Both?

The epic dialogue about Rob Bell’s latest between two friends continues.

Screen Meaning: Devil

Eat Your Vegetables . . . and Ponder the Global Consequences

Roller Derby Part 1: Battering the Temple

Is Roller Derby an ethically neutral sport?

Lost Again: White Rabbit and House of the Rising Sun

When Games Matter: My Brother and How SOCOM US Navy Seals Brought Us Closer

“When he asked me to play with him online, I immediately went to the store and bought the game. I didn’t have anything to consider–it was an opportunity to spend time with my brother.”

Rock N’ Soul: Amos Lee, The Power of Music, and The Near Gospel Truth

Our culture is, for the most part, cool with Jesus – but which Jesus?

Citizenship Confusion: The Death Penalty in Illinois

With Limited Interruptions, Part 2: Three Months Without Pop Culture or Other Distractions

I’m abstaining from popular culture, but that doesn’t mean I’m unable to relate to the world.

Grace Notes: Oh No Oh My, Epic45, Johnny Flynn, Aaron Roche, Kurt Vile, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Elsewhere: Sonic the Hedgehog, Apple, Rob Bell, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Play in Process: The Virtual Battlefield

“No, we can’t feel the same sense of danger as a soldier on the field, but we can at least hear the sense of shock and horror in the voices of the guys we’re controlling.”

…by the Bell: A Conversation About Love Wins, Theological Empathy and Jesus’ Assorted Spiritual Answers

Repent, for the Stupocalypse is Nigh!

How do we cope with the seeming inevitability of an irretrievably dumb culture?

The Beautifully Dark Side of Videogames

Videogames as a medium aren’t the problem. The problem is with me.