When Games Matter: Lucidity, Grief, and My Daughter

“My daughter is going to enter into a world scarred by death. She will experience loss and I won’t be able to walk her through it, she will have to face it on her own–I will only be able to help.”

On the Other Hand: A World Without Borders? Thank goodness.

Still Watching: Lost Re-Watch, Tabula Rasa and Walkabout

A Child-like Faith in a Freakonomics World

In a world of statistics, God is easily forgotten.

Citizenship Confusion: Wearing Our Faith

With Limited Interruptions: My First Month without Pop Culture or Other Disctractions

I’m giving up some ingrained habits, but the tendency to avoid the important things still remains.

Elsewhere: Japan, Twitter/Lent, March Madness, Art Games, Last of the Country Gentlemen, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Grace Notes: Deaf Center, Slowdive, Kirk Hamilton, J Mascis, Josh T. Pearson, and Jeremy Larson

Play in Process: The Patient Assassins

“If you’re the kind of person who finds the standard fast-paced, shooter-based multiplayer games overwhelming and or boring, this is for you.”

…by the Bell: Two Friends Debate the Rob Bell Controversy

Is it possible that the Rob Bell controversy could bring two friends closer, and not farther apart?

Eat Your Vegetables: “Jane Eyre”

Jeremy Larson’s They Reappear: Worth the Effort

Jeremy Larson’s new album is a soberly hopeful affair that makes us uncomfortable in all the right ways.

When Games Matter: Amnesia, Bravery, and the Time I Wanted to Quit

“I like to think I completed the game because it forced me to summon a little courage and determination. . . . I don’t think any other medium could have challenged me this way.”

On the Other Hand: Heroes and Liars

Signing Away My Life?

Sometimes signing a reality show audition waiver can seem like quite the commitment.

Citizenship Confusion: The Problem with Praying for Soldiers