Grace Notes: Fleet Foxes and The Antlers

This week’s signs of common grace in the music world.

Elsewhere: The Royal Family, Survivor, Portal 2, Donald Miller, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from around the internet.

Play in Process: Hot Pursuit’s Moral Whiplash

“In Hot Pursuit, you take practical measures against chaos, or you enact chaos yourself – though all you were really trying to do was win a race.”

…by the Bell, Chapter 6: How Will They Know?

How is the gospel revealed to those who can’t hear it? Ben and Kiel discuss.

CaPC Update: A Slight Reorganization

“You may have noticed that our web site has been changed around slightly.”

When Games Matter: The Slums of New Vegas

“I often wonder if games are at their best when they are able to teach us empathy. Fallout: New Vegas did this for me, if even only briefly.”

Still Watching: I Want a Queue, Too!

“My suggestion: watch Out of Africa, a visual masterpiece of storytelling.”

Source Code: Is This Happening, And Does it Matter?

Source Code’s novel take on the question of reality, perception, and our obligation to our world and ourselves.

Citizenship Confusion: Guantánamo Files

“Even the people who desire to kill us are our neighbors.”

Pole Fitness for Jesus?

Is a Christian pole dancing something to be redeemed, even behind closed doors?

Elsewhere: Scream 4, Weird Al, Lady Gaga, Studio Ghibli, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Racists Pig Racing?: Why Christians are Obligated to be Discerning on the Internet

A story about a heroic Texan turns into something altogether different.

Grace Notes: Little Scream, tUnE-yArDs, Metal Ghibli, etc.

“There’s something absolutely delightful about a band undoubtedly decked out in leather, spikes, and corpse paint ripping through the theme of one of the finest children’s films of all time.”

Play in Process: Coming to Terms With Violence

“Does the very act of making the violence explicit also make it unredeemable?”

…by the Bell, Chapter 5: Speaking of Christ’s Death

What’s the best way to speak of Christ’s death? Ben and Kiel discuss this issue and the implications surrounding it.

When Games Matter: Pandemic (Board Game Edition)

“If you have any hope of winning, you must work together.”