On the Other Hand: The Organizing Power of the Internet

“…the other effect of the internet is that people who used to have dumb ideas that never came to fruition can now make them a reality.”

Spring Spheres and Christian Persecution

Renaming our easter eggs isn’t the worst thing that the world can do to us.

Citizenship Confusion: How should we react?

Lost Again: Solitary

Ark Encounter: Should We Let Them Build Their Ark?

No life-size replica is going to help anyone stomach the most difficult of biblical stories.

Elsewhere: Reality and Soaps, Portal 2, monogamy, Atlas Shrugged, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Grace Notes: Panda Bear and Death Cab for Cutie

Winter Is Coming: An Introduction to “Game of Thrones”

Why should you care about yet another fantasy series? Jason Morehead explains why the upcoming HBO series is different.

Play in Process: A Place Called Home

“I found myself growing increasingly fond of my Minecraft home and all the feelings I associated with it: safety, security, friendship, productivity, and peace.”

…by the Bell, Chapter 4: Does God Get What God Wants?

Is it possible to reconcile God’s desire for all to be saved with the concept of hell? Two friends discuss Chapter 4 of Love Wins.

A Call for Writers

Think you’ve got what it takes to write for Christ and Pop Culture?

When Games Matter: Creating, Sharing, and Not Keeping Score in Minecraft

“. . . when you play with people you know, you find that there is more license to get creative with the world and even the story of the game that you are creating with them.”

Check Your Facts: World Net Daily and The Obama Deception

Rebecca Black, Stephen Colbert, and the Ethics of Mocking for Charity

It may have been for a good cause, but did two of the nicest comedians on television go too far?

Citizenship Confusion: Confessed Abortion? How Will We Respond?

If we want to fight abortion, we first have to love those who seek them.

Needle Exchange and Christian Ethics