When Games Matter: Was that Supposed to Happen?

“I grab him by the shirt and throw him down, he fell over and slipped off the roof top, falling 10 stories to his death.”

On the Other Hand: Jealousy of Youth Is No Surprise

“So we’re jealous. But so what?”

The Question of Playing Against – and as – Osama

Are we free to experiment with evil in a videogame, beyond just shooting it dead?

Citizenship Confusion: Memorial Day, Kevin DeYoung, and How to be Patriotic

It’s not about loyalty, it’s about respect.

Mixed Signals: Another Serving of Eating Issues, Please!

“These messages are sneaky, edging into our thoughts and subtly influencing our decisions.”

Elsewhere: E-Readers, Ponycorns, Infinity Blade, Christian Film, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Play in Process: Is It Time? – Empathy With the Elderly

“The game is about an old woman, but also it’s about what it’s like to be an elderly person in general.”

…by the Bell, Conclusion: Hopes and Fears

As the dust settles, Ben and Kiel share their hopes for one another and look forward.

Instant Watching: Randy and the Mob

“Randy and the Mob is a silly and strange and sweet film about personal priorities and reconciliation among family members.”

What can we learn from the Rapture that wasn’t?

Talk about a teachable moment…

When Games Matter: The Hilarious World of Portal 2

“Ten years ago, I never would have thought you could successfully make a physics-based puzzle game that doubles as a dark comedy. Valve has.”

On the Other Hand: Art’s Place in the Workplace

“If you love the way art has molded and shaped you, find ways to bring that value to bear on pragmatic things.”

Of Gods and Men and the Surprising Drama of Spiritual Discernment

Finally, a film that does justice to the voice of God.

Citizenship Confusion: Why “Answering Muslims” Isn’t So Great at Answering Muslims

“If a Christian apologetic is primarily devoted to defending the American Constitution, it is worth asking: what country or ruler does the apologetic defend, Christ or the United States?”

Still Watching: Two Sides of Early Woody Allen

“In Hannah, Allen’s neuroses drive the narrative in a more effective way. They lead him to questions about the existence of God.”

Lady Gaga’s “Judas”: A Surprising Statement of Faith

According to guest writer, Stephen Hale, there’s more to the video for Lady Gaga’s “Judas” than meets the eye.