Grace Notes: Lovesliescrushing, Cut Copy

“Lovesliescrushing’s music goes even further, eschewing song structures altogether in favor of massive, gossamery veils of pure sound.”

Mixed Signals: A Judgment Day Communications Campaign

“In marketing terms, Camping is running a classic fear campaign.”

Elsewhere: Doctor Who, the Rapture, LA Noire, Fair Trade Coffee, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Play in Process: LA Noire – You Will Feel Guilty

“And here’s the kicker: whenever mistakes are made, it will seem like a pretty big deal.”

…by the Bell, Chapter 7: The Good News is Better Than That

Two friends hash out the meaning and implications of truth, mystery and heresy.

Instant Watching: Humble Pie

“The writing in Humble Pie is sensitive to the sadness and insecurities that burden its characters, but certainly does not sacrifice humor in the process.”

Are You Ready For This Saturday’s Rapture?

What can we learn from Harold Camping and his misguided followers?

When Games Matter: A Portal Induced Existential Crisis

“Each test chamber has an observation room concealed by textured glass where you expect to see the outline of some mad scientist observing your every move. No one is there. There is only the voice.”

On the Other Hand: Do We Need a Daily Devotion?

“I do not have a ‘daily quiet time’ as such. I’ve never found forced readings following a particular schedule to be productive.”

10 Foreign Films That Christians Should Care About

If foreign film is so important, where should we start?

Still Watching: Reds

“‘Nothing is working,’ she tells him, and this expresses more futility of purpose than just the failure of their utopia.”

Citizenship Confusion: Keeping Up With the Joneses

“We don’t merely want to ‘keep up with the Joneses,’ we want to beat them.”

The Passion of Survivor’s Matt Elrod

How one Christian let God use Survivor for His own end.

Grace Notes: Smith Westerns, Wild Beasts, and The Antlers

Mixed Signals: Monsters and Zombies and Ninjas Oh My!

“Without context, such stories float about untethered and meaningless.”

Elsewhere: Christian Rock, Star Trek, LA Noire, Mensa, Judas, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.