Play in Process: This Rat On A Skateboard Doesn’t Represent Anything Deep

“Okay, so there’s this rat. And he’s on a skateboard.”

Michael Scott: How Far We’ve Come

We’ll miss Michael Scott, but that wasn’t always the case.

Instant Watching: White on Rice

“White on Rice deals with the cost of being selfish, the importance of family, and the process of becoming a mature adult.”

Why Christians Should Care About Foreign Films

Call it a spiritual discipline: foreign films can help us see the image of God in those unlike ourselves.

When Games Matter: The Uncomfortable World of Quelf

“Quelf will make you uncomfortable but there is a good chance that you and those with whom you play will know each other better for it.”

On the Other Hand: Obama’s Picture and the Danger of Images

“The thing that bugs me is how desperately people want to have iconic images divorced of context.”

The Lakers Go Down Swinging

In his debut feature, Stewart Johnson wonders what we should think when we watch a shameless display of bad sportsmanship.

Still Watching: NYPD Blue

“The argument could be made, and has, that NYPD Blue created a slippery slope which has led to graphic shows now being the standard for television. I can’t really argue that, except to say it didn’t do it by itself.”

Citizenship Confusion: “Should Christians Support a Burqa Ban?”

“As long as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and other major faiths openly and publicly exercise and practice their faith, they will be perceived as a threat to national unity.”

Tina Fey’s Comical Humility

We could learn a lesson in humility from this feminist liberal comedian.

Grace Notes: Denison Witmer, Selebrities, Okkervil River, etc.

“Witmer’s music encourages me to slow down and reflect on the important things in life: faith, family, friends, community, and a love that transcends life and death.”

Mixed Signals: Where Books and Nooks Unite

“One area in which I found a defining sense of self was in my preference for printed books over electronic readers.”

Elsewhere: Osama, Red Dead Redemption, Judas, Pixar, etc.

Our favorite pop culture finds from around the internet.

Play in Process: Outland and Faith-Inspired Game Development

“In Outland, we have an example of both how and how not to apply one’s faith to game design.”

Human Dignity in The Parking Lot

The Parking Lot can be a hard place for a human being to work.

What Memes Mean: “Nu Thang”

“So how is a middle schooler supposed to assert himself, to stand out amongst his peers and feel important? Well, in the 1990’s one way to look cool was to rap a DC Talk song.”