Grace Notes: Gang Gang Dance, M83

Gang Gang Dance melts your brain while M83 gets epic with the saxophone.

Mixed Signals: A Creative Muse Named Sharpie

“When I see the artistry poured onto a paper coffee cup canvas, I am inspired to keep on with my own creative bent so that my gifts are not wasted and God’s glory is not diminished.”

What Memes Mean: Rebecca Black And Pulse-Checking

“Memes can tell us what our culture finds funny, entertaining, encouraging, meaningful, and relevant.”

Elsewhere: Piper on Twitter, Coffee, Google+, Mortal Kombat, etc.

A list of links to other articles, instead of a new original feature: “a demanding form, not a lazy one.”

The Moviegoer: The Rest of the Year

With the summer movie season coming to a close, and Oscar season just around the corner, it is time to preview some of the movies that will highlight the rest of 2011:

A Differing View of Worldview Criticism, Part 2: What’s Wrong

What’s wrong with worldview criticism? Well, kind of a lot.

Instant Watching: Piccadilly Jim

“Piccadilly Jim is a light, fun, over the top flick with intelligence, just like a bit of relaxing summertime reading.”

Music at Mars Hill: God Is Able; Are We?

“Any music that lifts our souls and emotions and pulls us toward God can never be without its own set of particular musical triggers and styles.”

When Games Matter: The Tragic Amoral World of Far Cry 2

“FC2 is a game of non-stop survival, it rarely gives you the time to stop and consider your actions and the results are appropriately tragic.”

On the Other Hand: Argue More! Argue Better!

“I think it is bad that we don’t teach kids to argue more.”

‘Divergent’: Derivative Dystopia?

A Christian author’s young adult novel seems similar to others, but not in the way you might think.

The Kiddy Pool: An Uneasy Education

“One of the biggest conflicts I face in my thought process is that my ability to “opt out” reflects my position of privilege, and does nothing for children in poverty.”

“Nostalgia for the Absolute” in Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”

Tree of Life is more than beautiful imagery – it’s a meditation on the nature of home, grace, and faith.

Mixed Signals: Milk Campaign Title Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

“The portrayal of women as irrational tyrants and men as cowering sycophants does little to turn my heart toward the product.”

Elsewhere: Cage Fighting, CCM, Oprah, and Violent Videogames

Cage Fighting, Oprah, and Violent Videogames–we give the readers what they want!

Sports and Slurs

After receiving a bad foul call, an NBA player calls a referee “gay.” Should Christians care?