Music at Mars Hill: Light and Dark in Cults’ Debut Album

” . . . their debut album is a surprisingly honest look at the dichotomy between light and dark that is raging within all of us.”

When Games Matter: Shadow of the Colossus and the Truth About Violence

” . . . agency free from responsibility only leads to disillusionment.”

The Untamed Tongue of Mark Driscoll

Is it okay for a highly respected pastor to make the occasional hurtful comment? No, it’s not.

The Kiddy Pool: Fearful and Wonderful Families

“Understanding our own strengths as parents helps us to be the people God made us to be, to foster our strengths and find support for our weaknesses, not so that we can become perfect but so we can become most ourselves.”

Citizenship Confusion: Conscientious Objectors and the Sovereign State

“We should be standing with Muslims, Christians, people of other religions, and even atheist soldiers who conclude that they cannot continue to serve in the military because of a superior obligation.”

Harry Potter and The Boy Who Loved

The repentance, redemption, and agape love of Snape and Draco in the final Potter film.

Grace Notes: Prelude To Henry, Charlatan

This week: a friend’s eclectic mix for his unborn son and a sonic journey through alien tropical environments.

Mixed Signals: Pimp My Grocery Store

“This is more than just a shopping experience. It’s like going to a spa.”

Elsewhere: Christian Games, Harry Potter, Netflix, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Check out these random links while you can, because in September we’ll charge you 60% more for them.

All Things Physical: Women’s Soccer, Patriotism and Longing for More

“Even if for just a few moments, we experience solidarity with one another as we chant ‘USA! USA! USA!'”

Play in Process: Is Ms. Splosion Man Sexist?

“No one leaves Ms. Splosion Man assuming that women must really like shoes – they leave thinking that such an assumption is hilarious.”

Friday Night Lights Will Guide You Home

How a kept promise made Friday Night Lights something truly special.

Music at Mars Hill: The Year of the Return of the Saxophone

“One of the most seemingly random trends of this year so far has been a resurgence in interest in the saxophone.”

Instant Watching: Brooklyn Lobster

“Brooklyn Lobster is about pride, misplaced priorities, and families sticking together.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 5: The Jesus Effect

How are we supposed to relate to the world? For the answer, we look to Jesus.

When Games Matter: Frozen Synapse and The Humility of Allowing Defeat

“I haven’t submitted a turn in quite some time because of my own pride. I don’t want to finish out games that I am confident are going to end in utter failure.”