Music at Mars Hill: The Joys of Community Music Listening

“. . . sites like and are attempting to bring the excitement of community listening back into our culture.”

What Memes Mean: The Novelty Of Baby Preachers

“Child preaching videos smack not of God speaking in a way that humbles men at the surprising sound of His voice, they come across as ‘spiritual child beauty pageants.'”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 7: Why We Can’t Change Culture

Toward the end of his book Andy Crouch writes a chapter that’s kind of a bummer.

When Games Matter: Human Revolution and Flawed Design

Is there a time when a design choice in game nearly ruined the experience for you?

Watching Politics From the Pew: Hypocrisy

“[H]ypocrisy is not a sin that should be taken so lightly or thrown about so casually”

Virtual Scapegoats: Getting to the Truth About Videogame Violence

Are videogames to blame for our violent tendencies?

Citizenship Confusion: The New York Times’ Religious Quiz for Presidential Candidates

All candidates should be open about their defining beliefs. Whether they are based on the Bible or secular humanism.

The Kiddy Pool: C’mon Irene

“There’s still a part of me that longs for more of that pioneer dream: traveling light, self-reliant, and simpler—at least in some ways.”

Christ and Pop Culture: Already and Not Yet

We stop, reevaluate, and make some key decisions for the future of Christ and Pop Culture.

Site Update: What is Going on with Christ and Pop Culture?

“I have good news and other news.”

Watching Politics from the Pew: Some Thank-yous

“I want to thank some politicians. And not sarcastically, either.”

When Games Matter: Trauma, Art, and Learning Empathy

“I felt for her loss, I felt I understood her pain and wanted to help her.”

Alcohol, John MacArthur, and the Growing Pains of Christian Liberty

As we choose which parts of culture outside the church are acceptable for us, we face difficult questions from within.

The Kiddy Pool: The Politics of Play

“Children are active purveyors of culture and keen observers; they mimic what they see, be it breast or bottle.”

Citizenship Confusion: WORLD Magazine’s Editorial Cartoons

“Christians are all too comfortable mocking atheists, evolutionists, Democrats, and presidents, through cartoons.”

Parents and Their Precious Idols

Erin Newcomb on the best way to love our “wicked little sinners”.