Grace Notes: Jay Tholen, Either/Orwell

Jay Tholen’s music is bizarre, worshipful… and unlike anything else you’ve likely heard emerge from Christian circles.

God’s Grace in a Cup of Tea

“I’m often defeated, shell-shocked, and teary-eyed. “Does it really have to be so bad?” I wonder.”

What Memes Mean: On Tribute Collages, Remixing, And Laziness

“This sort of “art” is a way to make us feel like artists even though we aren’t really artists at all.”

Mixed Signals: Abercrombie & Fitch vs. Jersey Shore

“A&F may design seductively inappropriate clothing for children, but that’s way different than Jersey Shore.”

Elsewhere: Potter, Arguments, Education, Punky Brewster etc.

This week’s collection of internet finds just might cause your soul to, well…

The Moviegoer: What was the Context?

“Our embodied lives dictate that we cannot understand moral questions apart from narrative context.”

Clarity and Charity: Bachmann’s Faith and Christian Community

Our reaction to Michele Bachmann may have a significant effect on how the outside world sees us.

Music at Mars Hill: Mat Kearney and the Struggle for Identity

“. . . there’s a distinct difference between a sharpening of identity and an assimilation of identity.”

When Games Matter: Video Game Violence and Its Frequent Lack of Self Awareness

“. . . its almost as if the game itself is serving as sort of god-figure pronouncing judgement on your actions.”

On the Other Hand: Designing Your Political BS Filter

“The world is full of BS. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this.”

Interview: El Shaddai’s Daring Origins

What possessed Ignition to make a game about the fall of the angels, the flood, and the Tower of Babel?

Citizenship Confusion: Bachmann, Schaeffer, Pearcey, and Private Faith

“There is an important point here that Christians must take note of: secularism can only tolerate Christianity if it is a private faith.”

Mixed Signals: Mood Readings by Jell-O Pudding

“If I had my own little Mood Meter, I would be much more aware of the contagion—whether happy or sad—I’m spreading about.”

What Memes Mean: The Boogity-Boogity-Book Of Common Prayer

“I believe Nelms is simply a huge NASCAR fan trying to thank God specifically for the things he loves about his sport, attempting to be intentionally joyful and genuine through the use of hyperbole and poetic device.”

Elsewhere: The Help, Lost, Elections, Muppets Marrying, Lawns, etc.

Take in some of our favorite finds from across the internet – this week, super varied!

The Moviegoer: Rise of the (inhuman) Humane Society

“…the film backs off of the franchise’s usual redemptive possibilities in depicting humans who act like animals, and animals who act like inhumane humans.”