Watching Politics From the Pew: Debates and Truth

“I think one of the most discouraging things about watching political campaigns is that truth is so obscured.”

The Magician King: Enduring the Loss of Eden

Lev Grossman’s latest explores the perceived tragedy of gods who pick and choose.

Citizenship Confusion: 9/11 and the Complexity of the World

“By accepting that the world is complex we acknowledge our own finitude before it, our inability to completely understand issues, and the possibility that we are wrong.”

The Kiddy Pool: A Tale of Two Tragedies

“The assassination of a president is a terrible thing, but it’s an anticipated possibility, with an orderly line of succession. It’s a tragedy but also a known risk that comes with the power of leading a nation. 9/11 was different.”

Grace Notes: Wild Beasts, Balam Acab

Wild Beasts explores the good and bad sides of love and sensuality; Balam Acab crafts eerily beautiful slices of electronica.

How 9/11 Changed Us

CaPC contributors share how the most influential cultural event of our time has changed them.

Mixed Signals: Dying to Self Via Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies

“When we are faced with the dilemma of serving self or serving others, Jesus calls us to serve others.”

The Moviegoer: “The Debt,” 9/11, and the Ethics of Recompense

“When we demand that the enemy pays, where is the line between justice and vengeance?”

Elsewhere: Worship Music, Redeeming Culture, Beck, MMA, etc.

An extra-large Thursday edition! Extra Value! No Refunds!

What Memes Mean: Pascal, LOLcats, And Distraction

“LOLcats and sites like it are fun, healthy, humorous distractions that can add a dimension of enjoyment and self-forgetfulness that our world-weary hearts desperately need.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 8: Searching for “Traces of God”

If you think the way to influence culture is through means of power, think again.

When Games Matter: Choice and Boss Battles in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

“For a game predicated on choice to remind me that choice is a privilege seemed important, necessary even.”

The Suicide of Character in Mad Men

Mad Men is a character driven show about the death of character.

Elsewhere: Tron, 9/11, Graffiti, Irene, etc.

These links are so interesting, we won’t need to dress them up like Tron to make you care about them!

Mixed Signals: Miracle Whip Offers New Motivation for Divorce

This contest suggests that a divorce over condiment preferences is something comical.

The Moviegoer: Aliens and Recognizing the Human “Other” in Attack the Block

Attack the Block is a breath of comedic fresh air, because of its interesting premise.