The Moviegoer: A History of Driving

“Drive is…primarily…style over substance. And, yet, it is by virtue of its style that the film is more character-driven than are the standard-fare action flicks.”

What Memes Mean: Pat Robertson And The Danger (And Decline) Of Demagogues

“But we should remind ourselves that his “long line of statements” exists in the first place because people love demagogues. We all want a king.”

Music at Mars Hill: Canon Blue’s Rumspringa

“We are all in different phases of our lives and it would do us a great favor to be okay with that.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 9: Power & Community

According to Crouch, changing culture isn’t about huge crowds, but small dedicated circles.

When Games Matter: Deus Ex and Its Dirty Trick

“. . . the more heavily a game relies on story, the more careful that game should be in raising the bar when it comes to skill.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Is Bi-Partisanship More or Less Christian?

“Is bi-partisanship and compromise an inherently good thing?”

Illegal Immigrants: People, Not Political Capital

Guest writer, Brad Williams struggles with accepting and loving his unlawful neighbors.

Citizenship Confusion: Auto-tuned Elevation Church

“Rather than emphasize unity and equality before Christ, the song emphasizes the dramatic difference between the band and the church.”

The Kiddy Pool: Fearful and Wonderful Genes

“We’re all faith births, because no test, no matter how sophisticated, can predict who or what we become.”

Ron Paul: Seriously?

While one CaPC writer claims Ron Paul should be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, another begs to differ.

Elsewhere: Toys for Girls, Pat Robertson, The End of Men, Tea Party Zombies, Apple, etc.

The only CaPC post about politics, videogames, sexism, bible translation and cosmology all at once. Ever.

Mixed Signals: What Your Tween’s Clothing Is Saying (Literally)

“Messaging like this is not innocuous…”

The Moviegoer: “Contagion” and the Horror of Purposelessness

“This is the horror of epidemic disasters: their seeming purposelessness. There is no apparent enemy to blame. Victims are claimed with no rhyme or reason. Truly, this kind of deathly indifference is horror personified.”

What Memes Mean: The Muddle Of Wrong Worship

“It’s not that we think too highly of music at the expense of our sanctification, it’s that we don’t think highly enough of it …”

Music at Mars Hill: Video Games, and Lana Del Rey’s Vintage Music Stylings

“The nostalgic imagery is definitely pushed to the forefront of the song thematically, but the song’s use of the term ‘video games’ is undoubtedly contemporary and speaks of issues our culture is dealing with today.”

When Games Matter: Civilians in War Games

“… games like Battlefield play like just another shooter where war is fun. To me that is more tragic than what Battlefield is “shielding” the player from.”