The Kiddy Pool: Digital Natives

“The available technology can make many non-expert sites look extremely professional—which might belie the nonsensical content that often gets taken for serious thought.”

Girls, Cults, and Healing Past Wounds

Successful songwriter Christopher Owens grew up in a cult, and his attitude about his past is astounding.

Elsewhere: The Fashion of OWS, Social Justice, Halloween, Sex Ed, and Traffic

Drew tries to freshen up the discussion on OWS and Erin S. asks you to test your character knowledge.

Sacred Space: Small Time Pastor

“Odds are, however, your pastor is small time like me, but that does not mean he isn’t valuable!”

Mixed Signals: The Power of Selective Storytelling

“The difficult thing about story development for a marketing platform is that time and space are limited. Writers need to determine which elements and facts make for the most compelling piece.”

The Moviegoer: Buck (Meehl, 2011)

A powerful documentary that shows how even inhumane circumstances can be redeemed into something beautiful, creative, and compassionate.

Pop Stars, The Israelites & The Necessity of Lament

How an ancient form of Biblical poetry and modern pop music might help the Church better minister to the suffering.

Reading Through “Half the Church,” Part 4: A Blessed Alliance

“There is too much to do and too much brokenness in this world for any of God’s people to sit idle.”

Music at Mars Hill: Diving Into M83’s Dream World

“If I can suspend my sense of cynicism for just a moment, music like Hurry Up has the ability to capture my imagination again.”

What Memes Mean: “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work” (Part 1)

“Digital technology is changing the way we obtain and experience information.”

When Games Matter: PayDay: The Heist and Virtual Crime

“If we were to replace PayDay’s security guards and law enforcement officers with mindless zombies or hostile aliens or terrorists, I would not be writing this article, no one would be interested in this discussion, and the game would remain essentially the same.”

Citizenship Confusion: Sometimes “Political Correctness” Is Just Common Decency

A Messiah College student group stands up for edifying language, leading conservatives and Christians to condemn the college for caving to “political correctness.” Wait, what?

The Kiddy Pool: Happy Dress-Up Day!

“I can’t forget what Halloween means to many people, and my participation in it will always be measured and restricted by the fact that my understanding of the spiritual realm is quite different from the mainstream’s”

Videogames, Bibles, and Beer: An Interview with Game Church

We discuss videogames, the gospel, and methodology with the founder of a controversial new ministry.

Grace Notes: M83, Sam Billen

M83’s extravagance will blow you away and Sam Billen needs your help to spread some holiday cheer.

Sacred Space: Halloween Doesn’t Need Redeeming

“After all, pagans all eat and breathe on Halloween, and I’m not going to stop doing those things just because they do them too.”