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Relevant published two rather different but interesting articles on Occupy Wall Streetrecently. One by Brett McCracken and another by Sarah Bessey.

The Fashion of Occupy Wall Street.

Albert Mohler and Jim Wallis debated last night on whether social justice is the mission of the church. If the debate is not up yet, it will be soon.

This article by Scott McClellan came out a few weeks ago but its an excellent response to Sony’s “Long Live Play” commercials.

Dana Stevens argues that Anonymous, the new Shakespeare conspiracy movie is not dumb enough.

Amy Adair explains why NYC’s sex education program is actually an opportunity for the church.

Caryn Rivadeneira says Halloween is not the time to use our kids to push agendas.

Bill Mallonee one of my very favorite song writers just released a new album. The album can be listened to in its entirety on Bandcamp.

Watch Youth Lagoon perform “July” on Tunnelvision – I absolutely love this song and their album The Year of Hibernation.

Before they’re art, videogames need to mean something.

The Indie Royal Bundle is a great deal and offers some great games!

Erin S.

Test your character knowledge here.

Dustin Farrell’s Landscapes: Volume Two reminds me that the world is a breathtakingly beautiful place.

Could this be the end of traffic bottlenecks? Slate.com reports that sometimes you have to “Go Slow to Go Fast.”


  1. So, the link to “Sarah Bessey” goes to “Brett McCraken”. Just FYI.
    Want to know where I can see the simulcast from last night
    on The Fashion of Occupy Wall Street. It didn’t pull up for me.

  2. Oh man–I knew I shouldn’t have done this while tired!

    Thanks for the heads up. I will fix those.

    The simulcast should be posted on Trinity’s website in the next day or so. I don’t think they have posted it yet.

  3. I might have gotten more, but couldn’t commit to a guess. E.g. is that Spider-Man? It doesn’t look like Spider-Man, but it probably is. I didn’t count that toward my final number of correct guesses.

  4. It absolutely helps to know your comics. At least 51 are straight out of comics. 2 from newspaper strips. And the great thing about comics is that they mostly appear as teams. Knowing the Teen Titans nets you 6, Watchmen nets you 7. X-Men 5. Fantastic Four and Avengers net you 4 each. And so on. Those numbers add up.

    If there is one lesson to be learn here it is this: Read More Comics For A Happier Life.

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