Of Shakespeare and Conspiracies: The Real Stakes of the “Who Was Shakespeare?” Debate

The debate regarding Shakespeare’s authorship can teach us how to think critically about conspiracy theories.

Grace Notes: Kate Bush’s “50 Words For Snow”

Kate Bush’s latest may be pretentious at times, but it’s also otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting.

Elswhere: Videogames, Virtual Schools, Klosterman, and Gay Penguins

Where all your deepest questions are answered like, “Should gay, endangered penguins be forced to mate?”

Sacred Space: Hardcore Christian

“I confess that I don’t want to be John Piper. I want to be like my friend the electrician.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Days of Heaven”

“When you watch this film, you keep falling back on particulars because its scope seems so grand. You think things like: ‘God allowed train trestles to exist so Terrence Malick could film them'”

The Moviegoer: The Rum Diary (Robinson, 2011)

The Rum Diary succeeds intermittently, almost in spite of the film’s protracted duration.

Mixed Signals: When Your Free Will Infringes upon Mine

What happens when our desire for freedom conflicts with our desire to remain safe and protected?

Dear Driscoll, MMA is not a Measure of Manhood — Jesus is

Jesus presents a true vision of manhood through his humility and sacrifice, not just his glory and strength.

Music at Mars Hill: Does the Message Matter?

“In our age of moral relativism, you will very rarely hear a discussion like this one being brought up in culture outside of the Church.”

What Memes Mean: The Kitten Covers and Creative Praise

“In a million little ways, in a million little name- and product-drops, we reveal to the world the things that bring us joy.”

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Film, Music, Advertising, and Games

Get your popcorn and soda pop. Here are some superlatives, guys (and gals).

When Games Matter: Skyrim as Religious Experience

“Despite these inherent risks, Skyrim has been a worshipful experience. And every mountain stream, every cave, and every village is but a foretaste of the world to come.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Valuable Debates?

“Debates have a surprising impact on our ethics.”

The Kiddy Pool: 20 Kids and Counting

“I doubt I’ll ever understand the Duggars and their desire for a super-sized family, but I’m not convinced that their 20th pregnancy warrants the ethical outcry it sometimes receives.”

Happy Valley: The Delusion of Penn State’s Paradise, Lost

A native citizen of “Happy Valley” wrestles with the mythos of the land and the meaning of a scandal.

The Televangelist: Glee’s Enabling Song

“The message of the show is a more calculated take on the old standby: ‘If it feels good, do it.’ “