Elsewhere: Scandals, Acting, Politics, and Infographics

Those are separate entries, by the way, not all one and the same.

Sacred Space: Ministry as Vocation

“This elevated sense of importance that pastors often feel comes from the idea that they are ‘more special’ because they are in the pastoral ministry.”

Mixed Signals: Creative Lessons from a Thermostat

“It is the Creator of all who inspires the creative leaps we take, whether in thermostats or writing or lawn care or cooking.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Paradise Lost”

“It is the story of humanity: the fall. Its style is suitably grand, and its chief character represents not just one race or nation but all people.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Closer Look at Mylo Xyloto

“What is it about Coldplay, especially in their past two albums, that rings so true with Christians?”

What Memes Mean: Nickelback and the Psychology of Punching Bags

“Common enemies and dislikes draw people together, often more readily than common loves and interests.”

Watching Politics from the Pew: The World Demands Answers

“If a roomful of White House reporters began demanding that you justify the things you are doing in your life, would your answers proclaim the gospel?”

When Games Matter: The Anatomy of a Boss Fight

“Arkham City treats us the way we all want to be treated—it’s fair, honest, and consistent.”

The Kiddy Pool: Kim Kardashian’s Showbiz Marriage

“I don’t watch their show or read tabloids, but their presence and influence is unavoidable, and no matter what example I set at home, my daughter will see the same supermarket headlines that I do.”

Merlin Fights the Good Fight

According to guest writer Leslie Keeney, though BBC’s Merlin is a “decontextualized post-modern fairy tale,” it’s not without profundity.

Grace Notes: The Cocteau Twins, Hood, Thomas Köner

An assortment of albums to help you enter fully into a wintry state of mind.

The Televangelist: The Office’s Long, Splendid Goodbye

“The Office, more than any TV comedy I can think of, rewards patience”

Sacred Space: Honor Your President, Christian

“[R]umor-mongering and fear-mongering has no place in the church”

Elsewhere: Walking Dead Theology, Anonymous vs Los Zetas, and Bieber Baby

Look at us, reading stuff all over the Internet and delivering it to you dressed up in a purdy bow.

The Moviegoer: Egoistic Young Adults, Noah, and Other Link-worthy News

“Instead of a review this week, I thought I’d pass along some interesting movie-related links.”

Mixed Signals: The American Heritage Dictionary Says Words Still Matter

“The words we choose say something significant about who we are and what we believe.”