Mixed Signals: Harvey Nichols Sells a Cure for Shame

Merely shifting the perception we hold of the walk of shame does nothing to ease the regret that takes up residence in the heart.

Eat Your Vegetables: “Singin’ in the Rain”

“Singin’ in the Rain” is glorious because it revels in its own artificiality.

What Memes Mean: Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Twilight

“Fantasy should offer us escape to a place where the return leaves us better off than when we left, not a few steps behind from where we started.”

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Film and Memes

We coupled Muppets with Planking/Tebowing/Horsemanning. You can’t get this just anywhere, folks.

When Games Matter: When Music Makes a Game

“The goal behind each of these puzzles is literally to coax pixies out of their hiding places and release their magical power. . . . . The greatest achievement of S&S, however, is never making the player feel ridiculous for doing these things.”

Citizenship Confusion: Atheists Are Idiots, Really?

“Let their prayer be, ‘I believe, Lord; Help my unbelief,’ rather than, ‘I believe, Lord; Help me mock his unbelief.'”

The Kiddy Pool: Why I Prefer a Troublesome Santa

“I like the impishness of Weir’s Saint Nicholas as set in opposition to the perfection of the Christ child, where today we have a saccharine-sweet, bland Santa whom adults use for bribery and children see as a blank check.”

Music Made Physical: In Defense of the Humble Cassette

It’s time to appreciate what cassettes lent to the experience of listening to music.

Grace Notes: Talk Talk, HTRK, A Light Goes On

Talk Talk’s influence has lived on and only grown stronger, even two decades after their break-up.

Elsewhere: A New-Earth, Cussin’, Submission, and Ayn Rand on Symbolism

In Which Various Links are collected from every one of the Internets so that you don’t have to use Google, cause they’re rich already. 1% and all.

Mixed Signals: Your Best Work Now!

Creative work requires a bravery to face the scary stuff, knowing that God is already there waiting for you.

Eat Your Vegetables: “Citizen Kane”

Let’s work with the assumption that “Citizen Kane” says something essential about being an American.

Is Tim Tebow Christianity’s MVP?

Evangelicalism’s favorite quarterback may talk a good game, but it’s the follow-through that counts.

Music at Mars Hill: The Roots and the Suffering of the Innocent

“It raises the age-old question of injustice and how to live in a world where rain falls on the good and the evil.”

What Memes Mean: How to Reimagine a Nativity Scene

“Our attempts at reproducing the nativity are usually flawed from the start, even if we choose a more reverent route that doesn’t involve ducks, penguins, and Spam.”

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Concerts, Games, and Music

Why Superlatives? Because some happenings from 2011 deserve 15 more minutes of fame.