Eat Your Vegetables: Beowulf

“The poem reminds us of a culture’s fragility, not only through its contents but by its very existence.”

Music at Mars Hill: New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2012

“This is what’s on my mind heading into another year of music-listening.”

What Memes Mean: Philosophy Shifts in Facebook’s Timeline

Could this be Facebook’s attempt to “teach us to number our days” and to “[redeem] the time”?

Sacred Space: Christmas Worship

“. . . don’t let the Christmas hustle cause you to make church one more thing on your busy schedule. Be at peace, and rejoice with your family: God has given us His Son!”

The Moviegoer: “Of Gods and Men” (Beauvois, 2011)

Xavier Beauvois’ film is a quiet meditation on what it means to be a faithful imitator of Christ.

Eat Your Vegetables: “Out of the Past”

In film noir, you never win: you just see how long you can stave off losing.

Mixed Signals: Red Cross Invites You to Give More than Stuff

Red Cross calls us back to meaning, back to heartfelt giving and caring.

Mommy, Daddy, Who is Santa Claus?

Five parents share their approach to the famous gift-giver.

Watching Politics from the Pew: The Death of a Dictator

“His maniacal cult of personality was crazy enough to amuse us, but we too often forget that it put a goofy mask over the face of a demon.”

When Games Matter: The Most Disappointing Game and the Best Review

“Maybe one day, I will garner the courage to revisit L. A. Noire . . . . For now, however, it just makes me feel like a jerk.”

Citizenship Confusion: The U.S. Funding of International LGBT Rights

“As Christians, we are called to love and care for our neighbor, which clearly means that we should support efforts to stop violence and discrimination against homosexuals. “

The Kiddy Pool: The Elf on the Shelf

“I’ve often wondered what families who use “Santa is watching” during the month of December do for discipline the other eleven months of the year.”

The War on Christmas and the Kingdom of Christ

In fighting to keep Christ in Christmas are evangelicals embracing consumerism and ignoring Christ’s Kingdom ethics?

Sacred Space: The Church and Sexual Sin

“You have had many, many trysts unseen. Even at church…”

Skyrim and the Other Reality

Do videogames amount to anything more than escapism? Are games worth engaging?

The Moviegoer: “The Descendants” and the Search for Stewardship

“The film’s comedic elements felt contrived, thereby diminishing the effectiveness of what could have been compelling drama.”