What Memes Mean: Talking TED on Video Virality

“We have an amazing and unprecedented opportunity to interact with, comment on, and even create culture.”

When Games Matter: The Weight of Personal Stories

“I know I will never save the world but I am reminded that my small actions and attempts at making a difference matter.”

Is Church Discipline Cultish? A Response to the Mars Hill Drama

Can Church Discipline be done in a healthy way in the Internet age?

The Kiddy Pool: The Rise of Single Motherhood

“For Christian marriage, it’s important to cling to the ideal, to hold fast to the union God created that transcends legal or social or financial incentives, because Godly marriage is about more than that.”

Citizenship Confusion: The Backlash against Obama’s Apology for the Koran Burning

“Justice in this situation involves apologizing for our negligence and actively seeking punishment for those who killed our troops.”

Sacred Space: A Plea for the Persecuted

“Pastor Nadarkhani loves the people of Iran, and so should you.”

The Televangelist: How Smash Shatters the Reality of Relationships

“It’s a great show that too often settles for incredibly stupid.”

The Moviegoer: Oscars 2012 Preview

“I want to share some predictions, hopes, and regrets for all of the major categories.”

Eat Your Vegetables: Interiors (Woody Allen, 1978)

“Is it better to have no spirituality than its pretentious simulacrum?”

Mixed Signals: Why Christianity Doesn’t Get the Sympathy Vote

“It would also do us good to remember that today’s underdog is tomorrow’s market leader — and vice versa.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Response to an Open Letter to Praise Bands

“In our local churches we, as the congregation, should be thinking deeply about the music we play in worship to God because it really does matter.”

What Memes Mean: What We All Think We Do…

“This is the problem of living in a world of conjecture — we fall victim to our own conjectures as well”

Of Oscar Nominees and Disgruntled Critics

The films we celebrate should better support moments where we naturally feel good, and not manipulate us towards that end.

The Kiddy Pool: Salvaging the “Date Night”

“Date night doesn’t mean the same thing now as it did before my husband and I had children; a walk through town counts now, or 20 minutes playing a simple card game, or even a note on the mirror.”

Beyond Wretched: Wretched TV, Deception, and “Violent” Muslims

Wretched TV deceived their audience by editing a YouTube video to present Muslims as violent thugs.

Grace Notes: Slowdive

“Most of us could probably think of a band that meets any ‘favorite band’ criteria. For me, that band is Slowdive.”