Sacred Space: Where Addicts Find Help

“The intimate struggle of addiction calls for more intimate solutions than preaching.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “High Noon” (Zinnemann, 1952)

But this film is poignant because Kane’s recent poor performance deserves a lion’s share of the blame.

The Moviegoer: A Dark Shade of Grey

To be sure, “existential” is an apt term to describe much of “The Grey”‘s philosophical discourse.

A Call For Writers

Think you’ve got what it takes to write for Christ and Pop Culture?

What Memes Mean: Facebook Parenting And The Backlash Against Wuss Culture

“We are tired of raising children to become a wuss culture, but that we have no idea how to go about fixing it.”

Music at Mars Hill: Is Nicki Minaj Possessed?

“It seems that in our culture when someone wants to be “artistic” or “creatively daring”, they usually end up doing something that will offend church-goers — which, let’s just admit, is no big challenge.”

When Games Matter: On Love and Gaming

“This serves as testimony to the unique play experiences games can provide us when we play together. Playing with my wife was less a competition and more a lesson in patience, kindness, and self-control.”

The Kiddy Pool: Prayers for the Nation

“But the National Prayer Breakfast, established in 1953 by the prayer groups in Congress, reminds me how much our political leaders need our prayers on a regular basis.”

Citizenship Confusion: Dismissing our Opponents

“Dismissiveness implies that their perspective is so dumb that it is not worth your time to consider it.”

God, The Game Designer

We’re all players in a game God designed, says guest writer, G. Christopher Williams.

Sacred Space: Facebook Can Help Your Church

“Facebook it can also be used wisely by us to help us build relationships inside our church fellowship.”

From Fanboy to Frustrated: A Plea To Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is at it again and again. Guest writer David Dunham shares why he can no longer bear it.

The Moviegoer: Noticing “The Mill and the Cross”

Majewski’s film is a testament to great art, to the artist as weaver and the Artist as Master Weaver.

Mixed Signals: This Year’s Best Super Bowl Ad

Apple got a promotion for their device that was rooted in the here and now, in the reality of a heightened Super Bowl moment.

What Memes Mean: Muppet Political Discourse

Living in an age where even Muppets offer political criticism ought to inspire us to speak better.

Music at Mars Hill: Lessons From Leonard Cohen

“Old Ideas”‘ simplicity and focus on songwriting feels refreshing.