When Games Matter: Arkham City and Seamless Storytelling

“This moment in Arkham City gives me hope because it was a moment of truth. A moment when the world worked as it should and my determination to save it was tested.”

Two Can Play at That: What Komen Can Teach Us about Boycotts (Updated)

Is it justified, even heroic, to use power to force our will on others?

Citizenship Confusion: Pamela Geller Abuses a Murder

“Voices like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are very dangerous, particular for Christians and conservatives”

Grace Notes: Dead Can Dance, The Mary Onettes, Saint Etienne

Dead Can Dance come back from the dead, The Mary Onettes adjust their 80’s sound, and Saint Etienne just want you to dance.

Sacred Space: Superbowl Sunday

“Something in the regular life of the church is going to conflict with the Superbowl this Sunday. What ought the church to do?”

Eat Your Vegetables: “The Age of Innocence” (Wharton, 1920)

The novel’s tone is thoroughly ironic, as Archer continually misreads as progressive the very traits that consign him to the status quo.

Mixed Signals: What the Christian Message Says to the Masses

Targeting a message to your “superfans” doesn’t mean that they are the only ones listening.

To Hell With Catan?

Perhaps the #1 rule of approaching a game rightly is as follows: take it seriously, but keep your perspective.

Music at Mars Hill: Lana Del Rey, Rebecca Black, and Ethics

“Marketing, branding, image, and production are not just afterthoughts in our musical culture.”