What Memes Mean: #KONY2012, an Exercise in Awareness

“Russell is making us face issues most of us would prefer to remain ignorant of.”

The Female Gaze: He Said What?!

“In light of Rush Limbaugh’s very public outburst, maybe it’s time to start a conversation about why these words still have so much power.”

Introducing the 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tournament

Forget March Madness. Christ and Pop Culture is hosting a competition with real stakes.

God and Country Music: The Decemberists as Americana’s Newest Converts

“Recently, country music acquired a great new convert: The Decemberists.”

The Holy Huddle: On Peyton Manning and the Fleeting Nature of Life

“Peyton’s greatness lured me into falsely believing that he would play forever.”

The Kiddy Pool: A Sweet Season

“It’s maple syrup season, and we are pumped for the simple pleasures of pancakes.”

Books Besides the Bible: The Fault in Our Stars

“Why would someone from an old-fashioned religion want to read Green’s book? Literature, ultimately, is best at asking questions. The Fault in Our Stars asks the right questions.”

Citizenship Confusion: When a U.S. Soldier Slaughters Civilians

“I worry that in distancing ourselves from this soldier’s actions, we too easily overlook the effects of warfare on our troops’ morality.”

The Digital Revolution: Text on a Screen

Reading has never been so convenient, but changes in technology are always more complex than we think.

Sacred Space: Church and the Culture of Fear

“Christians ought not get caught up in this culture of fear, much less perpetuate it.”

The Moviegoer: “Act of Valor” (McCoy & Waugh, 2012)

“Act of Valor is not the total embarrassment that some critics say it is — though its limited purpose may prove ultimately unadmirable in some respects.”

Mixed Signals: You Might as Well Abandon the Catholic Church

“It’s sort of hard to oppose a call for greater sincerity.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Mother Night” (Vonnegut, 1961)

“The novel offers a parable on the cost of losing your ethical identity, or more precisely, the cost of remaining unaware of your moral identity.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Little Perfume Genius to Prime Your Empathy

“No matter how different people are on the outside, on the inside we all feel a lot of the same emotions and go through a lot of the same stuff.”

When Games Matter: Playing against the Grain

“My incredibly frustrating experience with Shadow illustrates how risky it is to put an interactive piece of art in the hands of players whose experiences can dramatically vary.”

Citizenship Confusion: John Piper and an Entertainment Addiction

“It’s not that Piper isn’t right to challenge our culture of perpetual entertainment, it’s that deciding what ‘entertainment’ is, and when it is ‘bad’ isn’t easy. If it were, Christ and Pop Culture wouldn’t be around.”