The Moviegoer: “John Carter” Is an Entertaining Sci-Fi Fantasy Beneath the Box Office Flop

“After the film, I felt an overriding sense of satisfaction at how thoroughly entertaining John Carter was for most of its 2+ hour duration.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Doubt” (Shanley, 2008)

“The film ultimately believes in doubt, thus robbing both belief and doubt of their potency.”

Mixed Signals: Christians and the American Dream

“No matter what messaging floods the marketplace, no amount of access, fame, or world change will put our hearts at rest.”

The Female Gaze: After the Final Rose

“Finding love isn’t nearly as urgent when you already know that you’re loved by Someone else.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Shins Offer a Renewed Sense of Optimism

“James Mercer has proved to be one of those rare writers with a heart as big as his intellect.”

The Holy Huddle: The 2012 CaPC Hoops Tournament Update Weekend 1

“Are you listening Baylor? Don’t get too comfy in that top-15 spot. Keep fighting the good fight.”

God and Country Music: Gillian Welch’s Soul Journey

“Gillian Welch and those like her are not afraid to wade into the waters of sin, redemption, and faith.”

Citizenship Confusion: iPods (iPhones) and Community

“Three years ago, I wrote an article entitled, ‘Compartmentalizing My World: iPods and Community.’ In it, I argue that Christians have an obligation to live actively and openly in community with those around us.”

The Kiddy Pool: Into the Woods

“Louv’s argument is clear and multi-faceted about why children (and all of us, really) need time with nature.”

Books Besides the Bible: The Image of Christ in The Hunger Games

“As I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I found it increasingly hard to ignore the number of Christ-symbols that appear throughout.”

Grace Notes: Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, The Trees Community, Passafist

“This time, I’m digging even deeper and spotlighting some rather obscure Christian artists that hold unique places in the history of Christian music.”

The Televangelist: GCB Is the Incredibly Bad and Inexcusable Show We Deserve

“That title, extrapolated, conveys everything you need to know about the show.”

Sacred Space: Cat a Kiss Him? What’s a Catechism?

“Take a look at the catechism, dear reader.”

The Moviegoer: Secret Worlds, New Perspectives

“The Secret World of Arrietty is a charming tribute to the inquisitive mind, to the discovery of new perspectives, and to familial love.”

Mixed Signals: Target Shooting for Non-Violent Types

“Shooting at their likenesses on targets is disrespectful of the glory that God has embedded upon humans made in His likeness.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Roger & Me” (Moore, 1989)

“In a way, the film documents the toppling of an idol, an exposed god.”