Citizenship Confusion: David Barton’s Deception (or Ignorance)

“Barton is either very deceptive or incredibly ignorant, and in either case he is not a man that Christians should be relying on for a historical justification of their political movement.”

The Televangelist: The New Girl and the Challenge of Maturity

“If they really wanted The New Girl to become a success, they would have to step up their game. The show would have to mature – and in order for that to happen, so would the characters.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Morally Unfit for War in Afghanistan

“The leaked photographs from this week give clear evidence that too many American soldiers are no longer fit and disciplined to conduct war justly.”

Sacred Space: Doug Wilson, the Church Is a Bride, Bro

“If that sort of intimacy makes a man nervous, then he might have forgotten that he is part of the bride of Christ.”

The Moviegoer: Slashing the Voyeur’s View of “The Cabin in the Woods”

“What if the protective one-way mirror that supports the slasher sub-genre’s one-dimensional characters and our demand that they be relentlessly sexualized and punished was, in a sense, broken — or, at least, turned inside out?”

Mixed Signals: T-Mobile’s Good Girl Goes Edgy but Do Customers Care?

“The question is if edgy-and-fast is the key decision factor customers consult when selecting mobile companies.”

Why We Need More Christian Entertainers

Christian artists should be more willing to see themselves as entertainers.

What Memes Mean: The Re-Appropriation of Ryan Gosling

“Why do we feel we have the right to re-appropriate anything we want in the digital realm, even an entire person?”

The Female Gaze: Moving the Spotlight

“There is more to me than my womanhood, and there is more to me than how I looked in the mirror this morning.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Day in the Life of Big K.R.I.T.

“In a single day we are presented with the all the big choices that reveal our inner character: between faithfulness and lust, truth and lies, heaven and hell, life and death.”

The Minority Report: Mobile Manners

“. . . If we don’t ever force ourselves to put up our phones and be available to those around us, we may never be available to them”

The Holy Huddle: Petrino and Guillen, A Tale of Two Coaches

“When leaders fail to take care of their personal business, it taints the very structure of the organization that the players work within.”

The Kiddy Pool: Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen, and Going Beyond the “Mommy Wars”

“The dichotomy between mothers who work outside the home and those who don’t is false, unnecessarily divisive, and intentionally distracting.”

Books Besides the Bible: NOT Finding God in Literature

“To treat literature as it is (a story) rather than converting it into something it is not (a sermon or a systematic theology) is not to somehow do violence to our worldview or our theology; it is to embrace the fact that in Christ we have the fulfillment of all story.”

Blue Like Jazz: A New Kind of Christian Film

Guest writer David Roark finds the same old problems in Blue Like Jazz as in previous “Christian” films.

Grace Notes: Lifeformed, C-jeff

“One of my favorite musical ‘genres’ in recent months has been video game soundtracks.”