The Televangelist: How Community Makes Pillow Fights Matter

“Community manages to illuminate a central hidden truth about human relations: Small things matter.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Coming ApocoPresidency?

“We should entertain the notion that non-religious leaders may very well be better situated for roles like kingship and the presidency.”

Mixed Signals: Skype’s Campaign Wants to Bring Back Social Graces

“These campaign messages forget that most people are not using technology to replace human interaction but to enhance it.”

What Memes Mean: Avoiding Scumbag Apologetics

“Quite a few of these photo-caption memes are quite regrettable, even embarrassing.”

The Female Gaze: Susan B. Anthony and Me

“The problem I have with many of the recent legislature being passed is that it seems to consistently favor political conservatism over creativity and compassion.”

To Syria, With Apathy

Why are we so desensitized to such devastating reports of tragedy and injustice?

God and Country Music: What are we doing here? The ACM Awards and Evangelicalism

“it is the job of the individual to cut through the clutter and see what is genuine and what is not.”

The Holy Huddle: The 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tournament Final Four Recap

“both the men’s and women’s tournaments reveal that religion still has a role in American culture in the 21st century.”

Citizenship Confusion: The SBC’s Richard Land and Charges of Politicizing Trayvon

“Calling attention to potential racial injustices and acknowledging our differences does not feed the racial fire, but dismissing and condemning such calls as ‘shameful’ and ‘exploitative’ does.”

Books Besides the Bible: Mornings in Jenin and the Trouble with Meta-Narratives

“Growing up is often a process of realizing that anybody I consider the enemy, anybody I consider different, has reasons for their actions that are just as complex, nuanced, and (to them) justified as my own.”

This American Lie: The Ecstasy and Agony of Mike Daisey

Mike Daisey taught us that the pursuit of the truth can never excuse all sins.

Grace Notes: Ronnie & Jason Martin, the hardest working men in Christian music

“They’ve created two of the most singular and recognizable aesthetics in independent music, Christian or otherwise.”

The Televangelist: Embracing Uncomfortable Characters

“If we are unable to demonstrate care and concern for television characters, it’s likely that we are reflecting an attitude we have toward our neighbor.”

Sacred Space: Easter Breakthrough

“That’s what the church has to offer culture: the resurrection from the dead through Jesus Christ.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Shock Value of Cain Solutions’ Animal Ads

“These commercials are far from the principles found in I Peter 3 of interacting with others of a different persuasion.”

The Moviegoer: Jeff, Who Needs to Leave Home

“Responsibility involves both participation in, and recognition of, a larger order — not one or the other.”