Grace Notes: M83, Infinity Shred

M83’s super-powered kids reunite, Infinity Shred ventures into deep space.

Mixed Signals: Kraft Mac & Cheese on Generational Sin

“This Kraft ad speaks to our sin nature and how the behaviors of one generation are so easily picked up by the next.”

Eat Your Vegetables: Where are the Wild Things?

“Where the Wild Things Are is not a kids’ film. It’s an adult film about the moment where the adult world becomes tangible enough for a child to cause problems but too far away for the kid to do anything about it.”

The Female Gaze: Penny Plays Halo

“How often do average Americans get to really engage their imaginations?”

Music at Mars Hill: mewithoutYou and Why We Should Tell More Stories

“Maybe we need to start telling more stories.”

The Holy Huddle: Checking in on Christians in Sports

“Bible-believing, Gospel-bearing sports figures are some of the main players (pun intended) in the furthering of the Gospel in American culture.”

God and Country Music: Jim White: Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

“As the film progresses it becomes clear that the hinge of this thing called the Deep South is, in fact, Christianity.”

Citizenship Confusion: Alienation and the Christian Ethic of Shopping at Threadless, Etsy, and Trades of Hope

“Our contemporary market creates a number of problems for Christians. Primarily, it alienates the worker and the consumer.” But does it have to?

The Moviegoer: “Bully” Explores the Hatred of the “Other”

“Bully is effective in that it gives a significant voice to a problem that is often perpetuated due to the pressure to remain silent.”

Books Besides the Bible: Christ and the Gothic

“Like all fantastic fiction, the Gothic novel at its best serves to expand our imaginations, allowing us to prepare for the unexpected.”

The Televangelist: Community’s Advanced Observation and Introduction to Participation

We all face the complicated relationship between bemused observation and earnest participation.

Not Fit for Dinner: President Obama, Arrogant or Bold?

“Discussions like this require you to make judgment upon another, and it’s well to recall Christ’s warning against judging others.”

Eat Your Vegetables: Adaptation (2002)

“For all of this witty meta-one-upsmanship, Adaptation does make two thought provoking points: adaptation involves all of us and it occurs outside of the conscious decision of any one person.”

Grace Notes: 8-bit Radiohead, Cam Butler, Richard Hawley

Radiohead gets chiptuned, Cam Butler crafts soundtracks for mental movies, and Richard Hawley gets unabashedly romantic.

The Holy Huddle: What Elders Can Learn from Larry Bird

“Bird is an overseer—he sees what needs to be done and acts accordingly.”

The Female Gaze: Dear North Carolina

“The reality is that long-term relationships can and do occur outside of marriage.”