God and Country Music: The Anatomy of a Country Song

“There are many high profile musicians bastardizing the rich tradition and form of country music for commercial gain.”

Play in Process: A Facebook Game about Jesus Made Me Look Like a Silly Christian

“This Christian Facebook game has become a kind of series of bumper stickers, automatically slapped on the back of your car anytime you do anything remotely noteworthy.”

Citizenship Confusion: Breaking the Shopping Habit

“The practice of shopping as entertainment can have serious consequences for believers”

How Should Christians Think About Gay Marriage?

“Our prayer is that political stances will never detract from the only message that truly matters.”

The Moviegoer: Lucky Life is Like This

“Lucky Life deals with suffering, friendship, marriage, memory, death, and faith — communicated in an image-driven, poetic style.”

The Kiddy Pool: Are You Dad Enough?

“Let’s shift the conversations on parenthood away from polemical and prescriptive and try to keep a sense of humor…”

Books Besides the Bible: Is Science Fiction un-Christian?

“[T]he presence of humanity and the prevalence of humanitarian themes throughout the best science fiction stories is not necessarily a denial of human nature, but often an affirmation of the best in us.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Placing #ObamaInHistory

“We can disagree about the connections made on the President biography pages, but we we would be mistaken to think that Obama is ahistorical and is leading America in a past-less present.”

The Televangelists: In Praise of Sherlock & its Co-Creator Steven Moffat

“Here, then, is a brief tour through Moffat’s oeuvre of awesomeness.”

Sacred Space: What’s Wrong with Videogames in Church?

“My objection to video games in church boils down to what makes a church.”

Grace Notes: My Bloody Valentine

“Few bands can claim to have altered the musical landscape, much less charted out an entirely new landscape.”

Mixed Signals: How to Make a Proper Apology

“Learning to make a proper apology is one of those indispensable life skills that we all need but few of us were trained to deliver appropriately.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Being John Malkovich,” Being Puppets Without Strings

“It’s not a fun truth that we all want to be somebody else. In fact, the film’s black joke is even more depressing: given the opportunity, we would simply morph that new person into us.”

The Holy Huddle: Sports Figures, The Hunger Games, and Sociological Terminology

“Fans have difficulty separating the professional and personal in the modern world of reality television and 24-hour news cycles.”

What Memes Mean: Ian and Larissa

“We share this video because we still want marriage to work.”

Music at Mars Hill: Beach House and the Myth of Memory

“Bloom encourages us to dig deeper into our memories and even find a sunny place to rest our heads.”