Books Besides the Bible: Grace, Love and Literary Masterpieces

“Beloved books, too, tend to depend heavily on grace.”

The Kiddy Pool: Got Preschoolers? There’s an App for that.

“[C]hildren’s education always needs to be mediated by thoughtful and invested adults; in that ideal scenario, apps can serve as an enrichment tool (like so many kinds of media), but not as a substitute for other kinds of interactions.”

Honoring the Difference Our Moms Made

Seven CaPC writers honor their moms and lend their voices to stop human trafficking.

The Televangelists: “Grimm” Reveals that The Other is Often Ourselves

“In a world populated with frightening monsters, Grimms like Burkhardt may be the most frightening monsters of all.”

Not Fit for Dinner: May Day and the Danger of Violence

“The movement can only offer the chance of change, not salvation of any sort.”

The Moviegoer: “The Kid with a Bike” and the Love that Never Leaves

“As his search becomes more revealing, Cyril’s child-like faith in his father begins to erode, and so too does the young boy’s sense of self-worth.”

The Female Gaze: Etsy, Ravelry and the Chance for Real Representation

“With over two million members and counting, Ravelry is booming. Maybe that should send a message to the fashion industry: If we can include everyone, so can you.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Followers, Josh White, and Musical Division in the Church

“Ultimately it’s unclear what purpose Wounded Healer was made for. It’s tongue-in-cheek tone seems too silly for congregational worship, while the lyrics seem far too much like Christian worship cliches to be enjoyed by those outside the Church.”

What Memes Mean: A Disheartening Meme On Introversion

“Temperament is an integral part of this calling, a fascinating divine ordainment. It is something to be praised, properly understood, and developed, and never an excuse to avoid personal growth.”

The Minority Report: When Youth Pastors Should Go to Prison

“True religious persecution is not something that can be simulated . . .”

The Holy Huddle: Is Albert Pujols Baseball’s Job?

“Is there any value in paying attention to how winners respond to losing?”

God and Country Music: “Contemporary Christian Country Music”?

” . . . the Phariscetical tone to a lot of Country radio’s “God-talk” is hard to ignore.”

Sports Violence and the Temple of God

Is the NFL a business of violence?