The Minority Report: Advice for Graduates

“… if you can develop a vision for your future that goes beyond yourself, you will find that the years getting better and better.”

God and Country Music: “I Like Johnny Cash, but I don’t like Country Music”

“… before you write off country music or Christianity, consider the context and be assured that there is beauty beyond the crossover hits.”

Why Christians Shouldn’t Write Off The Occupy Movement

Can we learn anything about the nature of capitalism and the human heart from the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

The Kiddy Pool: Child-Free by Choice

“Both Badinter’s book and the child-free couples she describes represent opposition to the belief that motherhood is instinctual, natural, and universally-desired.”

Citizenship Confusion: Why I Criticize the Church

“It’s very hard not to be a Cheerleader for everything evangelicals do or a Parasite that grows by feeding off of mocking other evangelicals.”

The Televangelists: “Mad Men” and Recognizing the Abyss

“[T]he most haunting image of the season for me is when Don opens an elevator door to see an enigmatic void before him.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Drone Warfare and the “Playstation” Killing Mentality

“We should not forget that our neighbors include those suffering as America continues its strikes against those suspected of plotting terrorism.”

Mixed Signals: Global Warming Debate Leads to Chicago Billboard Slander

“If people agree with your message subconsciously but consciously think you are petty, how is that helpful?”

Grace Notes: The Beastie Boys

The death of Adam “MCA” Yauch represents the end of an era in hip-hop and popular music.

The Moviegoer: You can be “Elitist” and still really enjoy “The Avengers”

“I take issue with the insinuation that one can’t enjoy The Avengers for what it is and still have good reasons for thinking its form of entertainment represents a worthwhile outing to the cineplex.”

Eat Your Vegetables: A Critique of Criticism

“But more than the film’s source for comedy, irony is at the heart of everything the film does.”

Music at Mars Hill: Father John Misty and the Myths He’s Written

“Sometimes I wonder if we don’t hear enough about the struggles of seeing those beliefs and lofty dreams lived out in daily life.”

What Memes Mean: Frictionless Sharing, Cool, Annoyance, and Positive Privacy

Frictionless sharing can be problematic because it “takes away the secret place” where our ideas—and our souls—take shape.

The Minority Report: Is Youth Ministry Unbiblical?

“When FIC pastors and church leaders label youth ministry as “an unbiblical concept borrowed from humanistic philosophies,” they are fighting the wrong battle.”

God and Country Music: Drive-By Truckers and Narrative Identification

“Maybe Christians need to take a page from the Drive-By Truckers and stop giving advice and tell more (true) stories.”

The Holy Huddle: Hamels’s Plunk and the Root of Sports Violence

“With that pitch, Hamels’s actions revealed something universal about the human condition as it plays out in the world of sports — the intent to harm one’s opponent is a universal spiritual disease.”