God and Country Music: How Robert Johnson Changed American Culture Forever

“We can’t undo the affects of the Culture Wars, but by giving an ear to the juke joints and blues singers and then giving them understanding, patience, grace and kindness we can continue in a gospel-informed reconstruction.”

The Holy Huddle: Lance and Roger, Ethics and Legality, Competition and Fairness

“Both Clemens and Armstrong maintain their innocence, [but] their public personas, marketability, and Q-scores have taken quite a hit.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Mars Hill Record Label and the Great Revolving Door

Let’s not be too quick to toss out Mars Hill Music because of a certain Mars Hill pastor.

Citizenship Confusion: You have no Idea how Biased You are, but I Do. You’re Welcome.

“We all have biases, and our efforts to rid ourselves of them through education and self-awareness don’t actually “fix” the problem. Even worse, our bias-blindness has serious consequences.”

The Televangelist: Does “Bunheads” Have The Right Moves?

“Bunheads has potential. Let’s just hope it can live up to that past its debut.”

Sacred Space: Mars Hill Church as Music Patron?

“It is easy to figure out what to do if the venture is a failure. The problem comes in when the business becomes a victim of success.”

How Having Children Changed Us

CaPC contributors share how becoming a parent affected their cultural habits.

Grace Notes: Paul Buchanan and The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile have developed a loyal following precisely because they are as un-rock n’ roll as you can get.

What Memes Mean: ‘Trayvoning’ and the Problem of Irreverent Humor

“If nothing is defined as sacred, eventually nothing will be treated as sacred—in this case, a human life.”

Music at Mars Hill: Is Justin Bieber ‘Safe’ for Children?

“Perhaps the reason why these people can’t agree on music that is appropriate for the occasion is because the graduation ceremonies themselves are ‘age-inappropriate’ for the kids.”

The Female Gaze: The Body Beautiful

How much of your body do you save exclusively for the person given to you by God to appreciate it?

The Minority Report: You Are Not Special

“Our culture of helicopter parents and constant praise has the potential to produce a generation of young people who think much more highly of themselves than they ought and refuse to attempt catching their dreams for fear of failure.”

God and Country Music: The Gentrification of Country Music?

“We should not be shocked or put off by a crowd that doesn’t look much like the storyteller because the stories being told are universal.”

The Moviegoer: “Prometheus” Confounds

While this summer blockbuster’s ambition to explore humanity’s most pivotal questions is admirable, Prometheus is ultimately less insightful than it is convoluted.

Citizenship Confusion: The Power of Complements and Egalitarians

“The marriage dynamic taught by Paul is actually more radical than Evans argues and some complementarians envision.”

Books Besides the Bible: Writers in the Church

“So do Christian writers bite the hand that feeds (or at least nurtures) us? Certainly that danger exists; but writers in the church are also uniquely placed to portray the church in a realistic way.”